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50 Best Ways to Get More Blog Traffic

Get more blog traffic – something we all want, but how?

You have taken the leap of faith and started your blog, but are struggling to drive traffic and gain subscribers. You are not alone. With millions of other blogs, it is difficult to make yours stand out. However, if you know how to implement the proper strategies, you can grow your blog faster.

Basically, a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing along with a high domain authority will help you rank on the first page of the search results.

But, if you don’t know where to begin to get more blog traffic then here you go …..




get more blog traffic

Get More Blog Traffic with these 50 tips


Here are 50 easy ways to get more blog traffic

1)   Create interactive content – Create content that offers a solution to a well-known problem.

2)   Run a giveaway contest

3)   Be active on social media platforms and share your blog posts on them. Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook groups are great places to share for that purpose.

4)   Be active on Mix. The social media site allows you to include pictures and articles from your blog.

5)   Educate yourself about SEO  Check out  101training.co.uk for loads of brilliant tips and tricks! Learn various On-page and Off-page search engine optimization techniques so you can rank higher on the search engine results page (SERPs).

6)   Use keywords throughout your blog post. Focus on the long-tail keywords as they will help you rank higher even with low domain authority.

7)   Start a Facebook group within your niche.

8)   Include a pop-up newsletter sign-up on your blog site.

9)   Optimize your website to make it search engine-friendly.

10)  Include links to other related blog posts within your site in your new blog post. This is termed internal linking which helps increase SEO.

11)  The heading of your blog post should be a question or a problem. The answer to your problem should be offered in the body of the blog post.

12)  Offer to write guest posts to reach a wider audience.

13)  Use Twitter to promote your blog.

14)  Use more infographics in your content.

15)  Add videos and graphics to your blog.

16)  Listicles get a lot of traffic as a general rule of thumb. Write more listicles to engage more readers.

17)  Join Facebook groups related to your niche and blogging, and be active there. Don’t just share the links of your blog posts, but take time to actually interact with the other members and form meaningful connections.

18)  Collaborate with the influencers in your niche.

19)  Quora – it is a simple question and answer forum. Search for questions related to your niche and then post answers to those questions. Include a link to your blog in your answer, and voila, easy marketing is done!

20)  Request other people in your niche to write guest posts on your site as they will probably link back to your site, and thus give your site exposure to a larger audience.

21)  Host a webinar to get more blog traffic

22)  Pinterest – Pinterest is very popular for promoting blog posts. Be active on this site and make your pins shareable.

23)  Write how-to posts. Just like listicles, how-to posts generate a lot of traffic.

24)  Add relevant data and supporting statistics to your posts to support your statement.

25)  Create an FAQ page on your website to make it reader-friendly.

26)  When you bag a deal, create coupon codes for your readers to get more blog traffic

27)  Post your views on something and ask questions, engaging the readers in a debate.

28)  Interviews – Interviews are a great way to know the person behind the blog. Give interviews on other blogs as well as, conduct interviews on your own site.

29)  YouTube has to be used very strategically for marketing blogs, but once done right, it is a huge source of traffic.

30)  Network and connect with new people from your niche.


Get More Blog Traffic


Get More Blog Traffic

Get More Blog Traffic


More ways to get more blog traffic

31)  Be consistent. Don’t write one post a month and then disappear. Post regularly to keep your readers hooked.

32)  Make your blog an authority blog to get more blog traffic

33)  Build an email list. This is perhaps one of the most effective marketing techniques.

34)  Stay connected to your readers via your email list. Give them behind-the-scenes posts, and extra rewards for signing up.

35)  Ask your friends and family to share your posts.

36)  Use a keyword research engine to find relevant keywords for your posts.

37)  Create a press release

38)  Your blog posts should have good titles that can attract readers.

39)  Add photos to your blog posts to make them more eye-catching to get more blog traffic

40)  Make your blog post shareable by including social share buttons.

41)  Invest in Facebook ads, but don’t go overboard.

42)  Repurpose old content on your blog.

43)  Get more blog traffic by updating old posts and publishing them again.

44)  Promote your blog on any online profiles and bios you have.

45)  Make your content reader-friendly by using headings, sub-headings, bullets, etc.

46)  It should be easy for readers to subscribe to your feed

47)  Respond to comments and engage with your readers to get more blog traffic

48)  Ask a question at the end of the blog post to encourage people to comment.

49)  Make your blog site mobile-friendly.

50)  Build a forum to stay connected with your target audience to get more blog traffic


Get More Blog Traffic

Get More Blog Traffic


Get More Blog Traffic – Over to you 

I hope that these tips on how to get more blog traffic to help you to drive huge traffic to your blog. Have any other super helpful tips that you want to share? Feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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