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Get Your Workforce Working With the Perfect Office Cubicles

Get Your Workforce Working With the Perfect Office Cubicles

When mapping out office premises it can feel like there are an infinite number of things to think about, but building your business around your personnel and sourcing the right cubicles or workstations for them is the perfect place to start. Get your workforce working, and everything else will follow.


Get Your Workforce Working With the Perfect Office Cubicles

Office furniture is a substantial financial investment, but there are a distinct number of advantages to furnishing your workspace with high quality cubicles:

  • The outlay will easily be recouped in terms of employee comfort and productivity during the lifetime of durable furniture, and it’s likely to be an expense which is tax deductible.
  • Admin-heavy employees will probably need access to more storage than a member of staff whose workday is dominated by PC-based tasks. With quality cubicles, the design can to be customised to suit the individual needs of each user while maintaining a professional, uniform style across your premises.
  • Built-in electrical units make the number of tech or gadgets the average employee uses easy to power.
  • They can be used to differentiate departments in an open-plan space and create an environment in which teams can communicate or collaborate on tasks without disturbing their colleagues.
  • Because cubicles have built-in partitions in a variety of styles, they can be tailored to help reduce distracting noise and give each employee some level of privacy to focus and work autonomously.

So how should you approach the task of selecting the right cubicles for your business and getting the best return on your investment?

The following tips will help to simplify the selection, purchase and installation of your new workstations:

Plan as far ahead as you can. Kitting out any business premises with cubicles often takes longer than buyers expect; the planning, design, customisation, delivery and installation process can take months to finalise.

Each step in this process may have an individual price tag attached to it so when shopping around or getting quotes, make sure they detail exactly what you’re getting for your money and when.

Before making any decisions, ask your staff what improvements they think should be made to their workspace. Employees spend around 40+ hours per week in a cubicle and will have a number of suggestions about which changes would have the biggest impact on their comfort, efficiency and productivity.

Use a reputable office furniture supplier who can help you plan out and furnish your office premises.  They can show you how to maximise your floorspace to make every inch of your office productive, how to keep your costs down and how to make your design suit your company image and ethos.

Perhaps more importantly, they will have relationships with a network of manufacturers and be able to get cubicles configured to your specifications and negotiate favourable pricing on your behalf.

To explore the full range of office cubicles available, contact the UK supplier of office furniture and accessories at Planscape, who will help you design and plan your office space and source the perfect cubicles to furnish it.


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