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Getting Christmas gifts right

Today – Getting Christmas gifts right


Getting Christmas gifts right – Wonderful ideas for unique and personal gifts

Since September, shops have started selling the Christmas Spirit and reminding us of the festive season. It’s probably unavoidable that Christmas announces itself earlier every year. For many, the first mention of Christmas is a trigger that leads to a long phase of denial and repression. This finally leads to the panic of finding the perfect gifts for friends, family, and the infamous company secret Santa somewhere around the beginning or middle of December. Whether you start the search early or late, the criteria for the gifts are largely the same: They should be personal, unique and useful, and if the price is right, you’re ready for the big day. It may sound practically impossible, but with a few ideas and inspiration, you’re sure to get it right.


1.   Photos & photo products



The more special someone is to you, the more you will want the present to show it. The Internet has lots of pretty, funny and useless products to offer in many different shops. The closer we get to the big day, the more inclined we are to choose a gift that may be more likely to tick the funny box instead of the personal one.

If the goal is a personal gift, but you don’t know how to do it, photos and photo products are an option that is often underestimated: Photos are not only personal, they are also clearly unique, something special, and they can be useful – if you have the right idea. One such idea would be a self- made cookbook with family photos for the chef of the family (which you can make with a photo book). For a sibling, you can design a smartphone cover for their constant companion so they always carry a personal memory with them. The options are virtually endless and are also priced within a perfectly acceptable range.


2.  Getting Christmas gifts right with Engravings

Getting Christmas gifts right


Engraving is not only great for rings and necklaces! While you’re aiming primarily for a useful object, there’s no reason not to make it personal, too. Photos and text can be printed on pretty much anything at all these days. There are chocolates, keychains, cutlery, bed linen, and much more. So turn that practical wish of someone near and dear to you and turn it into something equally impressive and personal.


3.   Getting Christmas gifts right – Time


Time really is our greatest asset when you come to think of it. Every day is largely dominated by work and chores, which makes the time we spend with friends and family all the more important. Why not present this time as what it really is: a wonderful gift? Of course, the difficulty with time is its lack of tangibility, which makes it hard to wrap up and put under the tree. What it needs is a good frame. Experience or adventure gifts have become very popular over the last years. As there are so many different options, it’s not hard to find the perfect gift for everyone. You can get a parachute jump for the adrenalin junkie, a dinner in the dark for the partner or a gin and whiskey course for a connoisseur are just a few of the ideas offered online. The big plus is that they are easily and quickly ordered, printed, and placed under the tree.


More thoughts on Getting Christmas gifts right

These are just some of the ideas you can use to make bring some joy to friends and family this Christmas. Giving can bring such joy – not only to those receiving them but also to those on the giving end. We shouldn’t forget that in our world of plenty, Christmas is still all about spending time with the people we love and bringing joy to them. It’s not about the money but the thought.


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