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Getting a Conservatory: What Do You Need to Consider?

Have you thought about getting a Conservatory ?


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Getting a Conservatory: What Do You Need to Consider?

If your home is short on space, then getting a conservatory usually works out as a far more effective solution than moving to a bigger property. You might also choose one for slightly more romantic reasons – to allow you to enjoy your garden come winter, for example, or as a place to drink a glass of wine on cooler summer evenings. Whatever your personal reasons for wanting a conservatory, there are some practical considerations to take into account before you have one built.

Read our quick guide below to make sure you’ve got everything covered.


Work Out How to Finance Your Build when getting a conservatory

Start by considering how you would finance a conservatory. The average build costs around £6,000. If you don’t have the money available, would putting the cost onto a credit card or taking out a loan from a company like Nemo Personal Finance be a viable option? A Nemo loan is secured against your home though, so it’s imperative you can keep up with the repayments.


Proper Planning

A conservatory is classed as a ‘permitted development’ so you don’t require planning permission, providing you follow the regulations regarding the size and location of the build. If your proposed conservatory doesn’t adhere to these guidelines, you will need to submit your plans to the local council and may find yourself waiting a number of weeks for approval.


Choose a Contractor

Once you know you are legally allowed to build, take a look at online reviews for your local area and ask around for recommendations to help you to find a contractor. Make sure that you don’t just choose the first or the cheapest contractor you stumble across. Instead, do your research thoroughly beforehand.


Think About Heating when getting a conservatory

One of the most common problems with conservatories is heating them. The lack of insulation means that, without implementing specific measures to combat the issue, they grow very cold in winter, even those which are constructed using double-glazed glass. The solution lies in heating, either water or electrical underfloor. The problem can also be resolved by extending your current home heating system to include your new conservatory within its remit.


Choose an Environmentally Friendly Build

One of the key factors in constructing a perfect conservatory is to choose a suitable material for its frame. Some of the most versatile and durable choices are uPVC, aluminium and hardwood, although many councils specify that timber must be used. Unfortunately, not all timber comes from eco-savvy sources. Although timber uses less energy than other traditional materials, some of it is harvested from endangered reserves, with environmentally damaging forestry practices used to collect it. You can ensure that your choice helps the environment to stay safe by visiting the Friends of the Earth website, which will advise you on the sustainability of different types of timber to help you make an informed and intelligent decision.


Set Some Money Aside to Spruce Up Your Garden

It’s inevitable that some areas of your garden will end up being damaged by the building work, but even if most of it escapes unscathed, it’s still worth investing in your outside space. Take advantage of your new views across the garden by filling it with a multitude of beautiful plants and blossom trees, add a little pond, and install some outdoor lighting so that you can still enjoy it when darkness falls.


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