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Getting my garden ready for summer

Getting my garden ready for summer – where to start

 I have been working on getting my garden ready for summer

I often talk on this blog about how much I love interior and garden design, this piece of furniture and that. In the Spring and summer, I talk a lot about my garden too but I go ever so quiet about it over winter don’t I!


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Getting my garden ready for summer

We sadly neglect our garden each and every winter and it is a hard slog again when Spring comes along. I have to be honest and admit I am a bit of a lightweight garden, I will pop a few herbs in the planter and pick strawberries and sweet peas but I don’t really get down to the hard work, I leave that to my hubby.

This year though I have been on a bit of a fitness drive. I have lost 1 1/2 stone since January 1st and am training for a sponsored walk. In an effort to improve my weight loss and fitness I have also decided this year I will also do my fair share of gardening.

‘It’s about time too’ my other half muttered when I told him my plans.

I have great plans for our garden, I want the lawn to be lush and green and for there to be lots of lovely fragrances. I want it to flowers form spring to late summer and be a riot of pretty colours. I want us to grow amazing herbs and vegetables and really make the very most of it. At its best it is a really lovely garden and produces such treasures for us.

It isn’t just the effort and energy I need to muster to get out in the garden and start preparing the soil and attacking the weeks it’s my lack of knowledge and understanding in that I need to address.
I have had bursts of gardening enthusiasm before but have just gone for it and I have to say I have never had much luck. This time along with effort I need to make sure I have the know how. I need to know which plants flower when, how to protect them from pests, when and how to plant them, what kind of feed we need, sun or shade and all that sort of stuff. I am no Alan Titchmarsh!


Getting my garden ready for summer




A gardening hub

I have however found a fabulous gardening hub over at Tesco absolutely full of ideas from how to plant a hanging basket to how to feng shui your garden.. It even has articles on how to get your kids to eat veg (very handy!) So from tips on how to look after your lawn to a vegetable growing gardening calendar I have some brilliant resources at my fingertips to make our garden stylish, useful, healthy and beautiful and productive.

So watch this space. I hope to be posting lots of lovely garden features over the coming months and letting you know how I am getting on!




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