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Getting Your Child’s Tablet Repaired After A Mishap: Essential First Steps To Take 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in the midst of a digital drama — your child’s beloved tablet, their hub of entertainment, learning and creativity, has unfortunately seen better days. Maybe it slipped from eager little hands onto a hard floor or got an unexpected bath in the kitchen sink. Regardless of the cause, the result is clear: a broken tablet and a distraught child. Don’t worry, though! With patience and a step-by-step approach, you’ll soon have the situation under control. Remember, every problem has a solution, and this tablet turmoil is no different. 


Getting Your Child’s Tablet Repaired


Understand the Damage 

Start with an initial damage assessment. Children, bless them, can be rather creative in their destruction. Whether it’s a cracked screen, water damage, or unknown technical issues, identifying the type of harm is crucial. Make sure to ask your child what happened — sometimes, their account can provide valuable insight. 

Try to gauge the severity of the problem. A minor crack can sometimes be lived with, while significant damage or internal issues can render the tablet unusable. But remember, this is just your preliminary assessment. 


Search for Warranty Documents 

This step could potentially save you a lot of money. Look for any documents or emails related to the purchase of the tablet; they should mention the warranty terms. Remember, however, warranties might not cover all kinds of damage. Accidental damages, like drops or liquid spills, often fall outside the coverage. It’s worth checking the details carefully to avoid any surprises down the line. 


Contact the Manufacturer 

Once you have an idea of the damage and warranty situation, it’s time to reach out to the manufacturer. This could be through a customer service hotline, email, or even social media. Be prepared to describe the issue in detail, and have your warranty or purchase details handy. 

In this step, the manufacturer will provide their assessment and possible solutions. They might offer a repair service, or, depending on your warranty, even replace the damaged device with a new one. However, do remember that manufacturer repairs could take time, so brace your child for a little wait. 


Consider Local Repair Shops 

If the manufacturer’s service doesn’t meet your needs — maybe it’s too expensive, or the wait time is too long — local repair shops are a viable alternative. Many towns have at least one tech repair shop, and their turnaround times are usually faster.  You could even contact a reputable mobile tablet repairs company like Likewize. This makes it even easier and more convenient to get your child’s tablet fixed.

Before committing, however, do a bit of research on your chosen repair shop. Check online reviews, and maybe even call ahead to get a quote for the repair. This step can help you avoid any potential headaches later on. 


Prepare for Repair 

Once you’ve chosen your repair route, you’ll need to prepare the tablet. Start by backing up any valuable data, such as photos, videos, and game saves. This will safeguard your child’s cherished memories and game progress. 

Next, perform a factory reset to erase all data from the device. This is important to protect personal and private information. Be sure to record any necessary passwords or account details before doing this — you don’t want to lose access to your favourite apps and subscriptions! 


Pack it Carefully 

Now, it’s time to send the tablet off for repair – that is, if you’re not calling out a repair company to your home. Package it carefully to prevent any further damage during transit. Using the original box and padding materials is a great idea, if they’re available. If not, bubble wrap or soft materials like a towel can work. 


Patience is Key 

If the tablet requires a more in-depth fix, the hardest part for both you and your child can be the wait. It’s an excellent opportunity to rediscover some old-school, screen-free entertainment. Board games, books, and outdoor activities can fill the digital void while also nurturing other skills and interests in your child. Even though it might feel like forever, remember that good repairs take time. Reputable repair services will take the time necessary to ensure your tablet is back in working order.


Reinstating the Tablet 

Once the tablet is repaired, it’s time to get it back to its old self. Restore the backed-up data and reinstall your apps. This is also a great time to discuss tablet care with your child to prevent similar mishaps in the future. You could consider investing in a robust tablet case or screen protector to add an extra layer of protection. And don’t forget to remind them about the importance of careful handling and keeping liquids far away! 


The Takeaway

While dealing with a broken tablet might seem daunting at first, with these steps you’re well-equipped to handle the situation. Remember, it’s not just about fixing a gadget but also an opportunity to teach your child about responsibility and the value of their possessions. And who knows, the temporary digital detox might even unveil new interests in your little one!

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