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Getting your Garden Winter Ready

Have you started getting your garden winter ready?

I really hate to tell you this (and I am sure you have figured it out for yourself) summer is at its end. I’m seeing pine cones and conkers, the occasional red, orange and brown leaves. The morning mist is a little chilly and the evenings are drawing in. Here we go again. Blankets are out on the beds and yes, once or twice we have had the heating on.

Inside it is time to snuggle down and get cosy.

Outside there is work to be done.


Getting your Garden Winter Ready

The lush green of our garden is fading and the sweet peas have stopped growing, the lettuces are done and the tomatoes are looking sorry. Our wooden table has been faded by the sun and is in need of good varnish and pretty soon a cover too. There are, in fact, a whole heap of garden jobs to be done.

So I made a list.

Getting my garden winter-ready is important to me, I want it to look its best during the winter months and I want it to come back in Spring with a flourish.

Would you like to see what’s on my gardening jobs to-do list?


Chopping Wood

I have a couple of trees that are really overgrown and my plan is to have them taken down.

I am not going to try this dangerous job myself and will, instead, employ someone to pull on their best logger boots and come topple those trees for me. I was thinking they could be cut up for firewood and used in our fire pit through the winter months. Fire pits make sitting out when it is cold a real treat.

Losing those trees will bring so much more space and light to our garden, I am excited to get this job done.


Getting your Garden Winter Ready


Rescuing the Roses

 Our garden roses are my pride and joy.

We have some of them for quite a long time and they have precious associations. It is time to give them a good pruning and get them ready for a rest.


Getting your Garden Winter Ready


Polishing the Paving

It’s also time to give our paving really good post-summer clean. I attack any weeds then I grab a stiff brush and a ton of hot soapy water and set to work.

Much as I dislike this job. It looks so much better afterwards.


Getting your Garden Winter Ready


Get your hammock inside

Somethings need to come in during winter and your hammock is one of them. if you don’t have a hammock I can promise you they are worth every penny. Take a look here for  hammock stands for sale


Au revoir Annuals

It’s time to say goodbye to the annuals and get them pulled up.  It is also time to cut back the perennials and removed dead leaves/ flowers etc. 

I think of it like giving my garden a bit of a hair cut.

It used to make me sad when the flowers were over but I see now that Autumn brings it’ own beauty to my garden.



getting your garden Winter ready with Lawn Love

It’s easy to think your lawn only needs care in springtime but actually getting in winter-ready is crucial to its health. It needs scarifying or raking pre-winter to remove thatch and moss and a good dose of Autumn lawn feed will help it tremendously too. Keeping leaves off it to keep it breathing easily during Autumn /Winter is also vital to it thriving.



There’s a lot to do!

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I hope you have been inspired by my post on getting your garden winter ready.

Have you got plans and have you made a start yet or are you clinging desperately to the last shreds of summer?


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