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15 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids

Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids – these truly are are the most fun gift to buy in my opinion.

It can be hard to buy gifts for outdoorsy kids but never fear. I have some wonderful ideas here for you today and I hope to leave you inspired! 


Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

* this gift guide to Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids contains some amazon affiliate links 


Book Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Yes Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids can include books too!


Nature craft and play



A Year of Nature Craft and Play (Harper Collins) is my eco-friendly and fun activity book co-written with gardening expert Catherine Hughes It contains 52  nature craft and play ideas following the season and is packed with beautiful photos and how-to’s. It also include nature-based science experiments and gardening projects.

The book # is currently the no.1 bestselling book in kids gardening on Amazon and makes a fabulous gift this Christmas for 6-12 year olds who love to be outdoors – or eve for kids who you mihgt want to encourage to get out side more! 

At about £10 on Amazon it is a great buy as it provides hour upon hour of entertainment  and yet all the materials needed are totally free





Nature journals are great Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Nature journals make lovely gifts for outdoorsy kids  enabling them to record all the treasures they discover in nature. It had 100 pages for them to draw in and detail their finds. isnt that precious. A nature focused diary. It encourages kids to use all their senses and to really observe.

This Nature Writing Work Book also has a designated space for recording daily weather/temperature and to collect samples.



Equipment Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids


Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids



A metal detector – scientific Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a metal detector when buying gifts for outdoorsy kids.

They are the best of toys and we have always had one.

A metal detector is a great way to get a child outdoors and exploring it adds to their interest stops them moaning that walks are boring. It is also hugely fun to do on a beach and oh my goodness if you find something interesting – all the excitement! What kids hasn’t imagined themselves as a pirate stumbling upon treasure?

 It’s a wonderful way to explore with kids the history of an area and how people used to live and what we might find from their era. 

 You can read more about the benefits of metal detecting for kids here. 

The Mylek kit looks excellent and comes with everything your child would need form headphones, to a shovel to a lightweight detector. Such a fun gift idea.


outdoorsy kids




Camping Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

is your family a camping family? If not maybe it is time to introduce it 0- staycatations could be here to stay and it is a brilliant way to reduce your carbon footprint when on holiday 

Camping in the garden is something all kids just love to do and this camping set up really does include everything a child would need to make it fun and comfy and to have few friends over to camp out too. 

Camping set ups make great gifts for outdoorsy kids – they can sit under the stars, cook out and can huge does of lovely fresh air. Just the best of times.

The Zenph pop up tent is just brilliant really easy to use and sleeps  up to. It is the perfect starter tent for a kids. Throw in a couple of sleeping bags and a some fairy light s and they will just absolutely love it 






Oh how exciting space seems when you a re a child (well and forever more actually) and with the news that Star Treks William Shatner has just popped up for a quick visit it is closer than ever right?

Telescopes make lovely gifts for outdoorsy kids and this lightweight beginners telescope is just perfect.




Stargazing book

A book on the stars would also be a lovely thing to include with a telescope so the kids could really discern what they were looking at. This 2022 guide to night sky looks fantastic.


Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids



These aurosports binoculars are both compact and powerful they are also shockproof and easy focus.

 A wonderful way for kids to really see what is up in the trees and in the sky. 




Kids head torch

Being out and about when it gets dark can be really exiting looking for bats and owls. But it can also be a little bit scary for kids  so giving them a head torch so their little hands are free but they can see is an excellent idea.



Smaller Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

We’ve looked at some bigger present ideas now lets take a look at Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids that are inexpensive but still the best fun


A compass

Kids love to explore and they also very much ike to cbe in control o every now and again. A compass is a cheap stocking stuffer but one that will bring huge amounts of pleasure to the receiver.



outdoorsy kids



This a robust and easy to use waterproof compass that kids will find straightforward and practical. Plus it only costs a fiver! 


A magnifying glass

It is great for kids to get up close and personal with nature. It encourages mindfulness and develops observational skills. A magnifying glass to make it even more interesting. This one is powerful shatterproof and scratch resistant. Just perfect for kids.




A Kite

A list of gifts for outdoorsy kids has to contain a cool kite doesn’t it! Just one of life’s most perfect, simple pleasure. This Anpro kite is huge. easy to fly and comes in under a tenner.It has a  60m/197 Feet Flying Line too…wow!






Gardening set for kids

This lovely gardening set for kids will get them started in the gardenand it contains  4 x Packs of seeds – wildflowers seeds, sunflower seeds, cress seeds & pea seeds. 4 x Planting labels/ Wooden Plant markers. 4 x Compost Discs/ Jiffy peat plugs. 4 x Activities sheets for kids. 1 x Twig Pencil.





Games gifts for outdoorsy kids

Swingball. Such a brilliantly fun game and of course you never lose the ball. This is great fun and works well in even in a relatively small garden.





Boules is also a great ideas is you are looking for gifts for outdoorsy kids. Its one that spans the generations and is easily portable  too. 


The benefits of gifts for outdoorsy kids

There are so many other ideas you could explore in gifts for outdoorsy kids. What makes them amazing is that they encourage kids to be outdoors even more and we all know that their is the biggest benefits to be and from fresh air and exercise. 


Further reading for outdoorsy kids fun

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Nature games for kids

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