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How to give your home a colour boost

Today – How to give your home a colour boost


give your home a colour boost



How to give your home a colour boost

Sometimes, it can be too easy to get bogged down with beige, cream, off white and all those neutral colours that we decorate our homes with to make the rooms look bigger or give the illusion of space. We like to give ourselves a blank canvas, but so often don’t actually embrace it; we can often be afraid of injecting colour into our homes. What if we don’t like it? What if there is instant regret? What colours work where and how would you even begin to choose?

Well, don’t worry – help is at hand! Here you’ll find a few relatively safe ways on giving your home a colour boost without breaking the bank or having instant regret!


Your furniture

Dull, plain furniture can really sap all the energy out of a room but don’t worry. You can easily inject some colour and get that energy back by investing in some bold but beautiful furniture! A company like Danetti could be a great place to start. Think vibrant plastic dining room chairs or lavish and bright faux leather pieces, whether you’ve got a particular colour finish in mind or you’re thinking of mixing and matching your pieces, every room in the home can benefit from a colour chair, or lampshade!


Painting your ceiling

Yes, that’s right! Did you know that your feature wall doesn’t have to be at eye level? This is ideal if you’re a little nervous about your colour injections and but want to try something a little quirky. Painting or papering your ceiling gives any room an instantaneous colour boost. This utterly unique idea will always be a talking point for any guests, and it’s a wonderful way to add your personality into your property.


Think art

This idea is a little less permanent. Or if you live in a rental property and decorating is not permitted, an ideal solution. Hanging colourful art on your walls is a great way to boost a room and create a feature wall without lifting a paintbrush! Again, art is subjective so it’s a complete reflection of your tastes and personality.


Bold accessories

Go bold or go home! Again, a less permanent solution and ideal for those who are renting. You’ll be surprised at how much of an impact bright scatter cushions on a dark sofa or a striking floor rug on a cream carpet can make. As the seasons or your tastes change, you can always switch them around and every room can be different!


Don’t forget the kitchen

The kitchen is a busy room, so make sure it’s not neglected when it comes to colour. Forget your stainless steel and simple granite counter tops, why not shake things up a little and paint your kitchen cabinets? A bold, post box red or a striking cool blue can make a kitchen feel like new! Or if painting isn’t your thing, then why not fit some new drawer handles or door knobs? Head to your local hardware store for some inspiration!



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