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Glorious Crete

Heraklion, Crete is one of the 142 Mediterranean destinations visited by the Cunard Cruise ships. Oh and what a port of call it is, absolutely spellbinding. It made my heart sing to be there

  “Greece is a vine, an olive tree and a boat” Odysseas Elytis

Blooming bougainvillea vines


flowers on steps


It would be my top destination choice for so many reasons.

In Crete vibrant gates, doors and shutters open onto exquisite views and beautiful homes.



I am in love with the simple white homes whose outer serenity is punctuated by bright paintwork

Blue door and fence, Greece.


Colour is everywhere and it just makes my heart happy



Hospitality i is abundant and centred around local produce which really enable s you to appreciate this beautiful island

what a view..., Crete


Wood , fresh flowers. rustic food just the perfect combination

THE STYLE FILES Crete, The decor of the houses is fresh and cozy: blue shutters, white plastered walls and beautiful stenciled concrete floors. Balconies and windows of all the residences have breathtaking sea view to the sea and to the beautiful gardens of the hotel. Summer here seems to last forever!


Look how simple and how elegant the homes are… so fresh and minimal, yet infused with style.

Oh Crete you are just fabulous!

Here is a rather lovely pinterest board I created to show you more of the style, serenity we found on this magical island.

Follow Becky Goddard-Hill’s board Cunard Mediterranean Competition – Crete on Pinterest.

This is my entry for Cunards blogger competition with Love Chic Living and The Swelle Life.


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