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Going For Gold: Using Gold Accents In The Kitchen

Using Gold Accents In The Kitchen

A lot has happened since the start of 2018. Trump continues to be a terrible president, Britain’s exit from Europe is still a disaster, and Elon Musk has fired a car into space. But, by far the biggest revelation for interior designers is the rise of gold accents. Since January, homes across the country have been trying to introduce more bullion and brass into the abode because, well, it looks amazing. The kitchen is the main culprit as elegant accents add modernity, practicality and luxury.

However, gold can appear tacky and gaudy, which is why you need to be careful. Below are the tips that will help you avoid the flashy stumbling blocks.


Gold Accents In The Kitchen



Use It Sparingly

Because gold is ostentatious, it’s essential to go with the little and often method. Otherwise, it will feel as if you are in Donald Trump’s personal residence at his New York hotel, and the thought is spine tingling. Thankfully, the kitchen should have a variety of tiny accessories that will transform as soon as they turn to gold. Of course, they include the taps, the chair trims, and cabinet handles. Knobs are particularly effective because they add a clean and minimal feel to the room. Check out Apartment Therapy for more inspiration.


Contrast With Colour

Along with the cautious use of gold, try and mix it with bold shades. When you merge two separate colours, it creates a spectacular contrast that dominates the room. Although it sounds hard to pull off, black and gold are the ideal couple. Because black is dark and dramatic, the lightness and vividness of the gold make it pop. The fittings and fixtures will help you find the right balance as they are big blocks. Consider your oven as an example. An all-black number with gold buttons will look beautiful.


Light It Up

Light fixtures are vital to the cause for two reasons. The first is that they are another place to use a gold accent. Scotlight Direct has a range of ceiling lights which include stylish accents. All you have to do is swap it for a gold version or pick one which already implements the colour. Secondly, and most importantly, light helps to make the gold trim pop. Natural glows along with artificial beams create a bright and airy atmosphere throughout the room. Because gold is darker in shade, it stands out from the crowd. Using spotlights to focus on the accents is a fantastic way to bring it life, too.


Upper Cabinets

You don’t need any! Recently, there has been a trend away from cabinets above the kitchen island and it’s because of gold accents. To begin with, not having tall cupboards is a sure-fire way to leave the space open, which is a pro and a con. To turn it into a positive, you can add focal points such as shelves or extractor fans. Because they are a bit bland, adding gold can guarantee that your kitchen won’t be boring.


Homeowners will always be touchy about decorating with gold because it is OTT. But, have the examples above changed your opinion?



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