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Going Where You’ve Always Wanted

Going Where You've Always Wanted


Today –  Going where you’ve always wanted

Oh man, the world is so big, how are you ever going to see it all? Well, that probably won’t happen, there is far too much out there to see it all in one lifetime. However, just because you can’t see everything doesn’t mean it is the end of the world.



Going Where You’ve Always Wanted

What is wonderful about the modern world and the explorative nature of the millennial generation is that we have the opportunity to see whatever we want to see, isn’t that great? It’s not that you have to see everything, but instead, seeing whatever you want to see.



The allure of faraway places is something that grips and fascinates and attracts and is always calling. We might love our homes, but places like the UK, the US, and even mainland Europe are all too similar and are often not enough. Any traveler will tell you that you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced something completely different.

Going off and adventuring across distant places can be a shock to the system at first. Whether it be a concrete voyage through the metropolis of Bangkok or checking out the weird wonderfulness of one of the many China holidays, you might be overwhelmed, but you get used to it, eventually.

Things are just done differently out there, in some cases you have to see it to believe it, but once you have, you’ll be elated that you did, even if it’s just because you have some fascinating stories to tell.



Travelling by yourself can be scary. It’s nice to have a travel buddy by your side through every step of your journey to share these experiences with. But if you can’t find anyone who wants to join you, then considering going it alone can prove to be a mesmerising experience.

Travelling alone will give you the chance to see whatever you want to see, run by your schedule, and not have to wait around for anyone.

The DIY travel experience is something that may seem like a terrible idea as soon as you’ve stepped off the plane all by yourself, but you can also meet a bunch of exciting people along the way, and not feel like you are responsible for anyone else.



Everyone who has ever traveled the globe believes that the way they did it is the best way to go. But everyone is unique, and specific tips and tricks may not work for everybody. In this modern world, people are abandoning the traditional method of seeing the famous sites, and instead, searching out experiences that will stay with them forever.

Doing this allows you to witness things that other people may never have seen. Spending time with locals in their village will open your world to things you may never have expected, and that is just one thing to try.

Furthermore, you want to make your travels as memorable as possible, so following the well-traveled path is something you can now afford to avoid, carving your own path instead seems the way forward.

You have the chance to go where you have always wanted, so why not just pack a bag and jump on a plane? (Life commitments permitting).  Be wary though; the travel bug is something that will bite and never let go, be prepared once you land back home that you will be itching to get away sooner than you may have thought.


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