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10 Golden Rules for First Time Dog Owners

Golden Rules for First Time Dog Owners

I have never owned a dog but my daughter has been nagging me for an absolute age about owning one. I mull it over in my head again and again and just want to be sure it is the right thing because, oh my goodness, what a huge commitment of their being another heartbeat in our home. 

I have been asking my friends ( who do own dogs for their wisdom) and they have been very forthcoming. Dog owners are always enthusiastic about their pets and are keen to share their ideas 9 a bit like parents really) so between them I feel properly informed – ever enough to start really considering this  as an option.

Here are the 10 key points I surmised from their advice: 


Golden Rules for First Time Dog Owners


Golden Rules for First Time Dog Owners

  1. Weigh up the cost – pets can be expensive. Consider food, treatment, beds, collars, insurance and a kennel/cage, a travel carrier PLUS if not a rescue, consider the cost of your pup too.
  2. Consider how much you are a t home – dogs get lonely plus they need regular walks, can you meet your dogs needs during the day or can you afford a walker?
  3. And what about the weekends?  Are you going to be around – or do you take off regular at weekends to places where you cannot take a dog?
  4. Does you dog choice suit your family – is it a  noisy, clingy, needy dog or a young dog whose going to need a lot of attention. Really think about how your new puppy will fit in.
  5. Dogs experience separation anxiety so the first few days be around a lot and bit by bit build up leaving them.
  6. It can be so tempting to crowd a new dog with lots of love and attention but they need space to settle in so do encourage your kids and visitors to chill! 
  7. Dogs love toys too and love to be entertained  – if you don’t provide them with that they need your furniture and slippers will be come their playthings

So there you go some key things to think about.

If you are looking for more top tips then have a look at this post on ten top things first time dog owners wish they had known I found it so helpful.


Golden Rules for First Time Dog Owners


Golden Rules for First Time Dog Owners is a collaborative post 

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