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What is a good gift for a new mum?

Today – What is a good gift for a new mum?

When I was a new mum I got a ton of gifts that were not really wanted.

Does that sound ungrateful?

I really don’t mean it to. It’s just that, for various reasons, these gifts just were not what I need or wanted and I so felt people had wasted their money. Consequently, I wanted to share some guidance on what I feel DOES make a good gift for a new mum and why.


new mum tum


What is a good gift for a new mum?

There were certain gifts that totally hit the spot with me as a new mum. let me tell you about them

Chocolates – I have worked so hard to have my babies and eaten so healthily whilst pregnant I was so happy to get a box of chocs as my push gift! Little hits of energy were well needed to keep me awake and I so enjoyed the treat!

Gift hampers – oh, there is something so lovely about a gift hampers isn’t there? It just feels so indulgent. The gift hampers Sydney based Pearsons create are a pure delight.  Take a look below.  You get flowers, a cuddly and some wraps. A little eclectic mix guaranteed to make everyone in the family smile.

I think flowers ALWAYS make a good gift for a new mum actually:

  •  the scent hides the nappy smell
  • they signify celebration
  • they make even the most chaotic home look lovely

a baby hamper - a good gift for a new mum


Having someone bring around a complete homemade meal was also a gift I relished as a new mum! What is a good gift for a new mum? This was, the ultimate gift for baby and mum It saved me both time and energy.

Someone else offered to do my ironing and clean my house – how’s that for a good gift for a new mum? Gifts for a new mum don’t have to cost much or anything but need to come with love and care and thought.


What is NOT a good gift for a new mum?

I got a ton of newborn baby outfits as new mum gifts.

Whilst these were super cute I felt they were such a waste. Babies grow so rapidly that lots of clothes in a newborn size really weren’t going to get much wear. I also found as summer babies and for comfort and ease of changing, my babies both spent nearly ALL their time in baby grows not in fancy outfits at all.

Also, and I imagine this is the case for a lot of new parents, I had already bought loads of cute clothes for my babies myself and these are the ones I wanted to see them in most of all.

I also got bought lots and lot of toiletries as gifts from friends and family when I became a new mum. As I was breastfeeding and needed just zero perfume products these were of no use to me, despite being so well-meaning.


soap is a good gift for a new mum

good gift for a new mum


Over to you – what do you think makes a good gift for a new mum?

So there you go, I have shared my take on what is a good gift for a new mum and what is not. This is, of course, only my opinion.

But you may feel differently about what is a good gift for a new mum.

I am so intrigued to know what you think about best new mum gifts – I do (of course) know that all gifts come with good intentions and a kind heart and we would all appreciate them for that. But if you are buying a gift  I do hope this guide to what is a good gift for a new mum gives you a little help!


good gift for a new mum


What is a good gift for a new mum is a collaborative post – you may also like my post on gifts to cheer someone up



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