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Gorgeous Interior Design (and my current reality)

I do love my home.

My style is bright primary colours, no patterns, comfy stylish furniture and clutter free.

That’s in an ideal world though.

In reality my children have a surplus of toys, untidy dispositions and a tendency to play with everything and insist it stays up or out to be played with another day. Needless to say my rooms are covered in marble runs, Where’s Wally 1000 piece jigsaws that take week to finish and half completed Lego projects. Sigh.

Gorgeous Interior Design


Gorgeous Interior Design (and my current reality)

Not quite what I envisioned when I thought about hitting my forties and having a lovely home but the reality of kids is everywhere to be seen ! (and to be honest I really wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Have just been having a little look at www.casaforma.co.uk  an international practice which provides a comprehensive luxury interior designer and architectural design service for residential, (and other) properties. They design interiors totally based on your needs and its all about luxury.

Oh wouldn’t that be blissful.

My home would be open to whoever wished to drop by (whereas now its a mad scramble to make it half way decent when anyone knocks on the door)

One day when the kids have flown the nest I want my home to be properly gorgeous. For now  I can live with the scuffs and the clutter and the fridge with school letters and drawings all over it.  I will step over half forgotten craft projects and toys and try very hard not to get too stressed about them.

But in the future I am dreaming of gorgeous office just for me with a big desk overlooking a floor to ceiling window looking out onto the garden. It would be white and wood and there would be fresh flowers and clear clean walls with maybe one fabulous art work (not a drawing of fairyland or a robot teacher with three heads)

Currently I work in a tiny corner of the kitchen facing a wall because the conservatory which was destined to be my office is a playroom.

In it’s very worst state the ‘playroom’  looked a bit like this …

We gave it a really good sort out last year and this is how it ended up looking …

which is a huge improvement but a far cry form the bespoke designed office I have in mind.

I am however delighted my kids have a playroom (not that it has ever looked so tidy again since the day I took this photo!)

So I guess for now what the kids want will dominate but one day, one day…. I will have the house of my dreams

Gorgeous Interior Design.


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