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Gorgeous Red Candy Home Accessories

Today – Red Candy Home Accesssories

My daughter room was in need of an update. She’s slowly outgrowing the flowers and butterflies of her childhood and is moving into those pre-teen years where style suddenly becomes important.

Red Candy are the perfect store to explore if you are looking for stylish home accessories and I have to say I always find them both great value and fun too. I was delighted to review a selection of items from their fabulous store.

Would you like to see our picks?

My daughter room is really teeny tiny and increasingly she studies/draws/crafts and creates in there. Her own space is more and more important to her as she gets older, She needed a bin but floor space was so precious I was really reluctant to get her one. We found this beauty though at Red Candy and it was just perfect for the job.


Red Candy Home Accessories

This Umbra skinny bin is a really sleek and minimalist space saver. It squeezes in perfectly next to her desk!. It comes in red, surf blue, mist blue, orange and jasmine too! And it is an absolute bargain price at £7.65. I have been telling everyone about this bin!


Red Candy

One thing I want for my children is for them to stay curious as they grow and I always urge them to see the wonder in nature and space and the ocean, in fact, anything mysterious, natural and impressive. This moon lamp brings a touch of that into her room and looks effortlessly cool in pristine white.

It runs on batteries which is great as we try and avoid trailing wires and it makes a lovely night light. The moon desk light from Paladone is a mini representation of the moon and gives off a beautiful glow. It is a snip at just £8.




Thinking about space again my little girl really does have a tiny desk and her endless pots of pens just crowd it. This gorgeous wall storage cloud is going to be the perfect solution,  isn’t it super cute? It will sit on the wall next to her desk within perfect reach. Plus, it can fix to the wall via screws or suction pads, which are both handily included. You could even pop a plant in it!

This costs just £11.90.


So as you can see some lovely space saving and funky ideas for her room, but what about me?


Red Candy Home Accessories for me 

Well, Red Candy sells all sorts of goodies for the home and their range of kitchen accessories are fabulous. I have a pretty new food blog Eat Simply and I am absolutely loving trying out new recipes on it. I constantly find though that I run across recipes that want cup measurements and I have no measuring cups!  I love JosephJoseph products and their rainbow coloured measuring cups are just as cute as can be. They cost £9.90 and will make my cooking life just so much simpler.



Do pop over to Red Candy and have a browse, they have so much more than I can show you here.  Their prices are really good and their range is fun and funky. A great store.

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