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Great Ways To Ground Your Airbnb

Great Ways To Ground Your Airbnb

Whether your home is empty, or you have a spare property; putting it on Airbnb may be the way forward. This is a fantastic and easy way to make money from your space. It’s ideal if you’re traveling because it’ll keep the money flowing without your having to do anything. And, it’s one of the easiest ways to make use of spare properties.

It’s as simple as opening an account, putting up your details, and waiting for applications to come in. And, with a whopping 4 million people having rented in London alone, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to wait long.

Of course, with the platform being so popular, people do expect a certain standard. In the early days, a basic property would have sufficed. Now, there is now a certain ‘Airbnb’ aesthetic. You want to create a space where guests feel at home, while also appealing to the younger audience who use the service.

If this sounds too much for you, you could always hand over to one of the Airbnb management services out there, who can take care of everything from design to maintenance. Or, if you think you’re up to the challenge, consider the following points to make this a place people want to return to.


A warm welcome

First impressions always count. If the visit gets off to a shaky start, your guests will struggle to find a love for your property. So, work on providing a warm welcome. This could mean anything, from providing a welcome hamper on the kitchen side, to ensuring the heating is on when they arrive. It may also be worth leaving some lights on. A dark property won’t feel welcoming, so this small step would make all the difference.


The right decoration

Think, too, about your decor choices. Unlike a hotel room, which is quite standard, an Airbnb should look like a home. Keep that in mind when decorating. You want to incorporate your personality into the space so that it doesn’t seem bland or unappealing. It may, then, be worth taking inspiration from your home decoration. Mimic the styles to ensure you create a space which works. Think about adding character with things like your curtains and light fixtures. Think, too, about your furniture choices. Opt for a sofa they’ll never want to leave, and perhaps some bright cushions to add a touch of fun.


The small touches

Great Ways To Ground Your Airbnb

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The small accessories you include are, in many ways, the most critical part of all. These are where your property can come alive. Putting prints on your wall will add a touch of interest, as would ornaments on your shelves and so forth. You could even include throws on your sofas, and spare pairs of slippers if you want to keep that homely vibe strong. To top it all off, why not add a few houseplants to keep the space fresh? All these additions will help the space feel more like a home, and keep your guests happy.


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