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In a Greek Garden – Flowers of Greece

In a Greek Garden – a look at the beautiful flowers from a Greek garden. 


‘Gradually the magic of the island [Corfu] settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen – Gerald Durrell


We have just returned from a week in Corfu. My first time overseas in 12 years and my first ever time on this lush green island that whirls up and down with a huge mountain at it’s centre.

We stayed in large villa with my in laws 10 of us in all with a gorgeous large swimming pool to play in and a bountiful garden. So needed. So lovely.


It rains and shines intensely in Corfu so the garden was a delight. I settled in well to its sunshine and its  flowers.



 This flower is so lovely isn’t it. It is called Lantana and can be grown here too.


How nice to pluck our own lemons form the garden trees and leave them ripening in the sun




Such gorgeous vibrant colours oh and the smell! They smelt of sunshine and sea -breezes


and then there were the twisty knarled trunks of old olive trees


Such a delight to spend a week exploring this Greek garden and seeing these stunning greek flowers

It filled my senses with happiness

and made me feel at home.

A walk n a greek garden



  1. Ness (@jibberjabberuk)
    June 10, 2014 / 12:04 pm

    Such colourful flowers! Such beauty never fails to lift the spirits.

  2. June 6, 2014 / 12:46 pm

    Oh I would love to go to Corfu. I’m glad you had a good time. I bet that was just what you needed. Stunning photos. How amazing to have them in your villa!

  3. Katie
    June 5, 2014 / 9:58 pm

    Love the Hibiscus! Glad that you enjoyed your time away!

  4. Actually Mummy...
    June 5, 2014 / 9:34 pm

    All absolutely stunning! The flowers in the Mediteranean are always so vibrant.

  5. Nikki Thomas
    June 5, 2014 / 7:51 pm

    Oh I’m so jealous, that looks amazing. One of my favourite holidays ever was in Greece, such a beautiful country

  6. Gemma
    June 5, 2014 / 7:36 pm

    An island with a mountain in the middle sounds like my idea of heaven, as does picking lemons from the trees. Beautiful post!

  7. Kirsty
    June 5, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    I can feel the warmth and sunshine radiating off these blooms. What a wonderful place. I adore the Hibiscus, I wish they would grow here as easily. Looks like heaven x

  8. June 5, 2014 / 5:49 pm

    So glad you had a lovely break, those flowers are so beautiful! We are off to Santorini in July, and I can’t wait!! 🙂

  9. June 5, 2014 / 5:47 pm

    Oh my goodness – GORGEOUS pics! We’re just back from Kefalonia and I’m SO with you. It made me beyond happy too! Something incredible about the Grecian vibe and stunning flowers and gardens! So relaxing x

  10. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)
    June 5, 2014 / 5:45 pm

    A nice flowers! I saw gumamela which I think is called Hibiscus here! A local to my country. Nice to see flowers you are familiar with! Its like seeing an old friend =) #hdygg

  11. Mammasaurus
    June 5, 2014 / 5:02 pm

    Oh I’m so glad to read that you had a good break away – I can see why it made you feel so happy – the most uplifting colours!
    Good to have you back – and thank you for joining in xx

  12. Penny A Residence
    June 5, 2014 / 4:10 pm

    Oh Becky! I so want to hear more about your hols. I am off to Corfu this summer and this has made me so EXCITED!

  13. June 5, 2014 / 12:19 pm

    oh how beautiful! Amazingly my Dad grows lemons, and kiwis, even olives in his garden. Love the quote at the top and the top flower beautiful!

  14. Claudia
    June 5, 2014 / 11:30 am

    the lantana was a favorite of mine growing up in portugal. that sounds like a dream getaway. my dream anyway…

  15. June 5, 2014 / 7:44 am

    oh it is beautiful! I love that tree too!

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