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Gucci Bloom Review

 I am so excited to be undertaking a Gucci Bloom review

Do you wear perfume?

I am a big fan.

I love a host of natural scents, strawberry fields, beaches, fresh laundry and sandalwood. But oh I do also adore being let loose in a perfume store. This is definitely one of my most favourite reviews ever!

I have been so lucky over the past year to be sent a number of new fragrances to review and I did compile quite a few in a Christmas Fragrance Gift List. I thought I’d make you a little vlog and talk through my thoughts on some of them including the new, rather special Gucci Bloom.

I am just sorry it is not a scratch and sniff video as that would have worked so well. Ah, give it 10 years or so and I am sure vlogging will have progressed that far.


Gucci Bloom review

I have rather adored all of these perfumes as you will see. They are all romantic, light and sensual but all pretty different too. I would love to know if you had tried any of them and what you thought of them.


Why you should experiment with scent

If I urge you to do one thing though I would say experiment. S cent is highly personal and can have fabulous feel-good powers. To find out what works best for you and embrace it.


Gucci Bloom Review

Gucci Bloom Review

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