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Guide to Your First Holiday Away in 2021

Are you looking for a guide to your first holiday away in 2021

With PM Boris Johnson outlining a roadmap to recovery over the coming months, understandably people are now starting to think about arranging a holiday. Everyone will be desperate to get away after such a torrid time and it could be a great way to celebrate, so read on for a few tips which will help you to plan the best possible trip.


Guide to Your First Holiday Away in 2021

Guide to Your First Holiday Away in 2021


Choose Your Destination Carefully

Choosing the destination is always an important decision, but particularly this year. Domestic holidays can take place from the 12th of April (at the earliest) while overseas holidays will not be permitted until May 17th (at the earliest), but it is recommended that you opt for a staycation just to be safe. You also need to consider that everyone will be looking to get away, so you might want to think about some places which could be quieter than the obvious hotspots. You may also want to try and go during a quieter period, such as outside of the school holidays.



As it has been so long, it is understandable if you have forgotten exactly what you will need on your holiday. Obviously, it will depend on where you are going but you need to make sure that you have a high-quality suitcase along with essential like appropriate clothing for the weather, decent footwear, sunscreen and sunglasses. Additionally, be sure to check your passport and make sure that you have at least 6 months remaining on it if travelling overseas (the rules have changed since Brexit).



Saving Money

Obviously, going on holiday can be a major expense to cover so you might want to start saving as soon as possible and look for ways to keep the costs down. In addition to going during quieter periods, you could also look to a package holiday that often allows you to make savings (as well as added convenience). When travelling to the airport, you can use groupsave train tickets to reduce the cost of your commute to the airport.


Travel Insurance

You should also make sure that you have travel insurance in place which will provide important financial protection and peace of mind. This is always important, but particularly during the pandemic as there could be issues relating to cancelled flights, medical costs and costs if you have to quarantine. Be sure to shop around and make sure that you have sufficient protection in place so that you are fully covered.


Guide to Your First Holiday Away in 2021


With light at the end of the tunnel, many people will be looking to celebrate with a holiday which could do wonders for your mental health after such a difficult period. You need to take greater care than normal when planning a holiday this year and hopefully these tips will help you to do this.

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