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Gorgeous Handmade Designer Splashbacks

Have you heard of CreoGlass Handmade Designer Splashbacks  ?




Handmade Designer Splashbacks

CreoGlass make a variety of beautiful handmade kitchen and bathroom items from splashbacks to interior glass walling, from mirrors to hand made chopping boards and matching wall sockets. Let me show you some of my favourite pieces. I honestly don’t think I have ever got quite so excited about kitchen splashbacks before.


This gold splashback is just stunning isn’t it? It is from CreoGlass’s premium glass kitchen splashback collection.  I am sure it would put a smile on my face every single time I did the washing up. And what about their ice cracked splashback? I think it’s very cool (no pun intended there!)


gold splashback




And would you consider two tone? At the moment I just have really boring white tiles. Investing in a much more vibrant kind of splashback would make my kitchen a lot more interesting.


two tone


There are some fabulous choices for bathroom splashbacks too



There is even the option of printed artwork. Now that is fancy!



Handmade Designer Splashbacks make a lovely touch

These really are designer splashbacks aren’t they? I am so impressed. What a lovely, lovely touch to such functional rooms and how fantastic that they are handmade. Now I have you all excited about splashbacks is want to show you some beautiful glass kitchen worktops too – also handmade by CreoGlass They have lots of options so do have a browse but I have picked out my favourite to show you. 


Colour sensations! 





Here is a little video showing you a day in the life of CreoGlass design.


I think you will find it fascinating, such a quality business.




And there’s more…

The website shows you how to measure and also has a selection of installation videos so you can be inspired and see how it is done.



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