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Become Happier Instantly – 10 Simple Ways to Change Your Life

Become happier instantly …


become happier instantly


How to define happiness

Merriam Webster gives the following definition of happiness

a : a state of well-being and contentment: joy
b : a pleasurable or satisfying experience

Happiness is a choice – become happier instantly

As we all know, life is not always the bed of roses neither is it a bed of thorns. Happy and sad moments are an integral part of life. It is futile to control everything in order to be happier because some factors such as life circumstances will remain out of our influence.

But, there are a few things which we can adopt to live a happier and more satisfying life.

Happiness is a choice it’s true there are a few things which we can adopt to live a happier and more satisfying life.


become happier instantly



  1. If happiness is a choice then smile your worries away

Deliberately act cheery when you’re feeling low. This doesn’t mean that you have to put up a fake smile all day but whenever you’re feeling angry and upset try to crack a smile. This is because smiling facilitates the release of dopamine which has the capacity to make us happier.


  1. Help someone in need to become happier instantly 

You can never go wrong with this one. A random act of kindness is a surefire way to uplift your moods and feel good instantly.


  1.  If happiness is a choice then Move that body to become happier instantly

Including a small amount of physical activity such as a brisk walk, stretching, dancing, hiking, yoga, etc in your daily routine can help you to reduce stress and anxiety. 


Happiness is a choice

Become Happier Instantly


  1. Explore and read something online to become happier instantly

You can read your favourite blog, book, or just check the latest updates on social media. Indulging yourself in such activities will take your mind off from the negative feelings. Additionally, you may get to learn something new and interesting.

Maybe you would like to create a happiness journal too?


  1. Listen to your favourite music

Tune into your feel-good song, this will give you an instant boost of positivity. Apart from that, listening to music with some positive messages can uplift your mood and make you smile.


  1.  Happiness is a choice – Make plans with friends

A simple weekend get-together or a mini road trip, some quality time with your loved ones will make you feel contented. Additionally, constructing such plans gives your brain a rush of energy and helps you to pass a stressful day/week with ease because you have something to look forward to.


  1. Spend money (but not on yourself)

Studies show that whenever you spend wilfully on others the reward center in the brain gets activated immediately and releases dopamine. You can choose to help a friend in need, give something to your loved ones, helping homeless individuals, or donating to charity, etc.


  1. Explore nature to become happier instantly

Whenever you are feeling low, going out and spending some time in nature will help you to feel better. Remember happiness is a choice You can choose to stall in your neighborhood park, your backyard, or just someplace where you can appreciate the beauty of nature and breathe fresh air.


  1. Be mindful of what you eat

Food choices not only impact your physical health but they also have enormous effects over the state of your mind. For instance, high protein foods facilitate release of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) while processed, packaged and fried foods leave you feeling lethargic.


  1. Try something new – happiness is a choice you can make again and again

Many individuals say that the biggest enemy of happiness is a hedonic treadmill so, whenever you’re feeling low next time, try mixing things up!

It can be anything that breaks the monotony like trying new cuisine, learning a new musical instrument, or listening to a different genre of music, etc.

Lastly, understand that some of these points may not resonate with you. So, don’t be hard on yourself, check what things work for you, and stick to them.


 become happier instantly

Become Happier Instantly

My happiness is a choice books for kids to help them become happier instantly

Here are 2 books about happiness for kids that I have co-written that I think you will enjoy,


Be Happy Be You (for teens)

Be Happy Be You is a teenage guide to happiness. It contains 40 life lessons for teens looking at body image, self-confidence, healthy relationships, media literacy and so much more. It really is a dynamic and encouraging book. I co-wrote this book with p#Penny Alexander and it was released early 2020. We have had such positive reviews from teens who now realise happiness is a choice


Be happy be you, become happier instantly

Be Happy Be You is packed with science, insights and practical activities to help teens explore and put into practice skills to develop their emotional resilience and literacy.


If happiness is a choice choose gratitude



Brother David Steindl-Rast, is a monk and interfaith scholar.  He believes happiness is born from gratitude not gratitude born form happiness  An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you’re going, and above all, being grateful.

Happiness is a choice and our actions can determine it: be grateful


Create your own happy (for ages 7-11) & 

become happier instantly

become happier instantly

My book Create your own happy is filled with happiness boosting tips and activities for kids and a great way to teach kids that they can teach themselves how to be happier and that happiness is a choice



become happier instantly


Happy words to Become Happier Instantly

I would really love to read what other things you guys include in your daily routine to make sure your happiness is a choice you make. Let’s have a talk about whether you think happiness is a choice in the comments!

Words matter take a look at my I AM affirmations for confidence


Thanks for reading happiness is a choice. now you know how to become happier instantly


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