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Happiness is a Choice – Make it Every Day

Today we are going to take a look at how happiness is a choice every day

Do you want to be happier but are feeling overwhelmed and busy?  Well, life is always so hectic, busy, and filled with many challenges.

Admittedly, Happiness is what you say, think, and also accomplish in harmony. We can be in charge of our happiness through choosing activities such as physical exercises and doing acts of kindness.


Happiness is a Choice


Happiness is a choice every day

Bringing some small changes to your attitude and your daily routine increases positive outcomes to both your happiness and your life. There’s also a multitude of opportunities for friendship, doing good for others, love, satisfaction, finding purpose, and personal enrichment,

 Does happiness seem fleeting and elusive?

Many individuals spend their entire lives trying to find and unlock the secrets for true happiness, but fail to reach to its core.

So, try adopting these ideas that may take you from feeling glum to feeling good.


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  •       Jumpstart Your Day With Smiles and Laughter

Start every day with a glittering smile. Do it Even if it is a fake smile to help improve your moods.

This will also uplift the mood of people around you as it’s hardly impossible to keep from smiling or laughing when you see somebody else doing it.

Moreover, Smiling tends to reduce heart rates when stressed and promotes heart health as well. Laughter on the other hand constitutes a big part in a play besides being contagious.


  •       Spend Your Time With Happy People

You will be right if you say that happiness is contagious. Happy individuals are always the center of a social network that consists of similarly jolly individuals.

These groups are generally generous, nicer, and friendlier in its entirety. Staying connected with such positive groups induce positivity to the affected individuals as well.


  •       Listen To Music – Happiness is a Choice

It’s well established that listening to uplifting positive tunes gets you happy. You can choose whether to go by the lyrics or the music.

Listening to upbeat or classical music with happy lyrics helps greatly in boosting your mood.

Also, remember to focus on becoming cheerful when listening to tunes, do not just crank high volumes, and then sit there or walk along chilling for the best feeling to waft in. tell your soul that a particular song will burst the trick and just allow the tunes to take it over.



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  •       Happy Walks, Exercises, and Workouts

Whenever you are feeling blue and need instant happiness, hit the gym or head out for a brisk run or walk.

Studies suggest that getting out and taking walks helps in getting vitamin D from the sunshine that wipes away depression and mood disorders.

Whether you accept it or not, walking around in nature when you’re upset makes a huge difference in how you feel.

You could even feel more uplifted when imitating the gait of a happy person. So, switch to pushing your shoulders back, put your chest out, lift your chin, and see whether a new walking style makes a difference.  Additionally, you can consider doing short exercises, about 15 minutes long which has a great impact on your brain.


Happiness is a Choice Every Day


  •     Happiness is a Choice – so  Do Good Deeds To Others

When you do well to others you help yourself too. That’s why volunteers tend to be happier every time.

The little selfless acts have great impacts on your overall feelings. Small acts of kindness such as donations to charity, opening a door for your aged neighbour or gifting your office assistant with a coffee mug all go a long way in boosting your happiness daily.

Striving to impose a smile on another person’s face is one of the best ways of switching off your mind from your problems and in turn increases your sense of fulfilment and purpose.

I hope that this post helped you to have a better idea of how Happiness is a Choice . Also, I would love to know your ideas of staying happy throughout the day in the comments below.


Happiness is a Choice


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Happiness is a choice


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