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How to Create a Happiness Journal – Best Ideas

Happiness Journal – Why & How to Create One

Have you ever wondered about how to create a happiness journal?


happiness journal

Happiness Journal 


How to create a happiness journal

Do you jump like me hearing anything about journaling?

Well, I love journaling and hoarding new journals (some guilty pleasures!!) and everything pretty.

We all crave for happiness and it’s our ultimate goal to be happy and peaceful. However, life doesn’t favor us all the time. Just as we have seasons, we have phases in our lives.

But the catch is, we can always learn to be more happy and joyous in our life even when we are struggling. This is why you need to re-invent happiness by using this beauty called happiness journaling.

There are various types of journaling and the good news is there are no such rules to follow when it comes to journaling your thoughts. You can work at your own pace and use your favorite stationery articles.

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What is a ‘happiness journal’?

Happiness journaling is the journal where you record your happy moments, days, people that make you happy, things you love and so much more. The idea here is to have a record of the things that makes you happy.

As I said earlier, there are no rules when you create your happiness journal. You can write it down or doodle your joyful moments. I absolutely love taking pictures and making a scrapbook kind of journal where I record my happiness.

Your happiness journal should be a collection of everything that makes your heart jump with joy. This will make you aware of your happiness and you’ll consciously do more things that make you happy.

Also, you don’t have to be an artist or a writer to start with your happiness journal. Just grab your favourite journal and start exploring. You will soon find your style as you practice in your happiness journal.


happiness journal

Happiness Journal 


Why should you keep a happiness journal?

The simple reason is that we want to be happy. However, the happiness journal doesn’t guarantee that you won’t ever be sad or feel low. Life is uncertain and it certainly doesn’t come with any guarantee. Hence the only way to go through is to actually grow through those difficult moments.

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While this beautiful art of having your own happiness journal can set your mindset to look out for positive, happy things in your life. For example; if painting a canvas makes you happy, you will certainly do more of it to include it in your happiness journal.

This way by reprogramming your subconscious state of mind, happiness journal will make you realize more about your own self and the things that you love.

There indeed will be some hard days when you won’t feel like journaling at all. On such a day, read your earlier entries and recall everything about that day or the moment that made you happy. Then try recreating those things all over again.


Happiness Journal Ideas

So inspiring!

Yours does not have to be so fancy of course. Absolutley not – it is yours, it can be absolutely whatever you so m wish it to be as bold or as simple or as quirky as you wish it to be.  Do consider creating a homemade craft box form which to journal. It can such a less expensive option and is a brilliant way to recycle, old cards, bits of material, shiny paper, stamps, all sorts of bits and bobs can go into making a scrapbook. 

Your happiness  journal can be eclectic, awesomally and unequivocably your own creation. 


Little Moments fill a happy journal

When you start practising this simple art, you will realize that it doesn’t take something huge to be happy. Little moments of joy is all that makes us happy. Simple tiny bits of creativity can totally fill your heart up.

Take a look at this example …





I highly recommend having your own happiy journal and fill it with everything you love. At the end of the year, you will have over 300 beautiful reasons to be happy about. Isn’t this simply amazing?

I would also love to know your views on  journalling. Do drop them in the comments below I do as always love to hear from you and all your ideas


happiness journal


More happiness prompts for kids

Regular readers will know by now that I write activity books for kids and teens and these are based around concepts of happiness. Create Your Own Calm and Create Your Own Happy are for 7-12 years olds and packed with journal prompts. Ot os important to get kids started on their journey to emotional wellbeing and literacy whilst they are young and their brains are developing rapidly. let’s help them learn skills around emotional self-control and self-awareness whilst we have that impact.




Create your own calm. becky Goddard




Be Happy Be You is a self-help guide for teens filled with tips to boost their happiness and wellbeing.


be happy be you , becky goddard


Journalling about happiness will increase your happiness – could there be a better reason for keeping one! It is such a simple solution but one that has been proven to be effective.

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how to create a happiness journal

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