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Happy Mothers Day Friend – gift ideas to celebrate your Mum friends

I think if you have lost your own mother mothers day can feel difficult.

My own mum passed away 10 years ago and each mothers day I tie a bunch of flowers to her dedicated bench in our local park. She is on my mind and in my heart each and every day but I still like to celebrate her with flowers on Mothers day. 

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.”– Claudia Adrienne Grandi



An alternative mothers day

Mothers day can feel hard especially in these days of social media where every one is sharing their family get togthers, ther ir beautiful cards they are sending to their mums and of course the stunning flowers. 

If you are a mother yourself you day will probably ( hopefully) be brightened by your kids making You a card and getting you small gift and spoiling you, 

But if you are not a mum or if you don’t have your own mum around it can feel a tricky time, a time that reinforces your loss. You should not avoid mothers day  though it really is a lovely day and one to celebrate even if you do it a little differently 

Mothers Day Flowers  (like the  ones shown throughout this post from Pearsons) can be sent to all mothers, they don’t have to be yours!

Let me explain.

Happy Mothers Day Friend

My best friend is an awesome mum and she has been a complete rock for me in my life. I would just adore to send her a great flower delivery on this special day and say ‘Happy Mothers Day – you are amazing, I see you and I appreciate you and that I think you are a really wonderful mum.’

I think it a flower delivery would make her smile.

She loves Spring flowers so this tulip wrap would be gorgeous when i am trying to say happy mothers day friend. 


Happy Mothers Day Friend


“Flowers don’t tell, they show.” – Stephanie Skeem


I have another beautiful friend who has quite recently lost her mum and I would love to make her Mothers Day less sad and add a little colour and love into it in the way of a flower delivery. 


Happy Mothers Day Friend


 Cyclamens are just lovely aren’t they? They last for ages and can be planted outside too to come back again. The gift that keeps on giving. 

I’d want her to know how loved she is and remind her that she is not alone.


“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” – John Lennon


Happy Mothers Day Sister

Mothers Day is a great time to celebrate my sister too. My sister has 5 children and I took her yellow roses this time for mothers day to celebrate the sunshine she showers upon her kids. If I had arranged a delivery though I would have gone for something pretty spectacular like Ultimate Pink…isn’t it just impressive in it’s beauty!


Happy Mothers Day Friend



It features all the best pink flowers of the season in a stunning keepsake vase too and it is HUGE! That would surely tell her what a good mama I think she is.


“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank


What about you? How would you say Happy Mothers Day Friend

Do you have a friend or a sister, an aunt, or a cousin, even a grandma that you would want to wish happy mothers day too? It truly is a day to celebrate all the mum figures you love no matter who they are or where they may be.

Does anything ever say it as well as a flower delivery? I think so I think a mothers day craft is super special! Check out some lovely ideas for Mothers Day Crafts here


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