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Happy New Garden Office

Happy New Garden Office

New Garden Office

A new year can often be the start of a new-found venture or hobby and sometimes there just simply isn’t the space for you to truly commit to it. Whether you’ve started upholstering a chair, painting or simply want space to unwind, a garden room can often be the easiest (or only) solution. For me, I’d like to have a space where I can work from home, away from the house where I won’t be tempted to start pottering and procrastinating around my home. A place where I can write my blog and my mind can drift, a little haven at the end of the garden path away from everyday life.

As the whole family descend for Christmas a spare room away from the rabble is as appealing as ever too. In Summer an area to socialise and slide open the doors and take in my sunny garden from the comfort of an armchair. You say I have high expectations from my new office, I would be inclined to agree. I need a versatile space which encompasses all of these functions successfully and easily. As I want to be able to use the space all year round and have a substantial structure that will last, I’m looking for an investment and an extension of my home. I’ve been looking at insulated garden offices available at GBC Group and have been really impressed at the wide range of styles available. There is a variety of traditional and modern buildings, a modern garden office would work particularly well in my garden in contrast to my period home.

Do you have your new year resolutions planned yet?



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