Have you got the right tyres?

Did you know there are actually a wide variety of tyres?

If you pop on over to TyrePlus you can see a wide range of tyres to suit all your needs. Gosh, this is something I wouldn’t have even really considered. The recent weather though has made me think again and next winter I will definitely be investing in more suitable tyres I have slopped and slid about quite a bit and it’s been scary!

Let me talk you through the variety of tyres available.

 Have you got the right tyres?


Reinforced Tyres

These are super strong tyres that have been strengthened to handle extra loads.


All Terrain Tyres

These tyres work as well for on-road and off-road driving, they can handle hills and slippery conditions as well as driving smoothly on regular roads.


Summer tyres

Summer tyres are the standard tyres fitted to cars in the UK and most drivers stay on these all year round. They are fair weather tyres that perform best when the weather is above 7 degrees.


Winter Tyres

Winter tyres, as you would expect,   are designed to give better grip in snow or ice. Recent UK weather will have left a lot of people wishing they had winter tyres fitted!


Runflat Tyres

Unlike regular tyres, these keep going in the event of a puncture. They won’t keep going forever but can be driven on for a short while to allow the driver to reach a safe place to stop for repair.

So now you know what tyres you might need to know how to fit one is also important.  Now personally I would always get my tyres fitted by an expert but if needs must (or you are that way inclined) and you do have to change yourself here is a good guide to Changing a tyre


And a couple of tyre facts it is worth knowing:

* You should not drive on your spare tyre for any length of time.

*If you’re not sure if your tyres need changing or if they’re safe to use, it’s always best to speak to an expert.

* For best performance, all the tyres should be the same or a similar type.

Stay safe out there everyone!




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  1. March 5, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    2 back tires: 185r7014
    Fronts : 195r70.14
    My car has any problem?
    Old car so dont find 185

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