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What is Magic Parking?

What is Magic Parking?

Have you heard of magic parking? It’s a new concept to me.

I am after a new car. In my whole life I have only had 2 cars. A Panda I bought age 17 that broke down on my test before you buy run (says it all really) and a Punto. My Panda was bought  for me by my ever optimistic lovely mum who thought I would take well to driving.


What is Magic Parking?


Fast track 16 years and I eventually passed my driving test after over 1000 lessons and numerous breaks. I am not what you might refer to as a natural driver!

By the time I passed my test the Panda had long gone and I wanted a small shiny red car. Yes that was my criteria (I’m so technically savvy). I have had it 12 years now and I am looking for something classier and a bit cooler and yet still a small) family car. Where I live there are an awful lot of HUGE family cars that really make parking difficult. I just like to be able to nip in beside them and avoid the struggle of parking such a beast and their petrol costs! A big 4×4 is not for me and my 2 little ones!

I am rather liking the look of the new 5 door supermini the Chrysler Ypsilon

I would go for the white I think but there are lots of colour options

What is Magic Parking?

It’s not just the fact it is a very funky and cool looking car at a good price that swings it for me I have to be honest. Not known for my parking skills THIS is what I like best about this car..*Magic Parking*

The Ypsilon has radar sensors around the car which capture the information needed for you to park in spaces as small as 4.6 metres. Just ….wow! This could really improve my life!

As well as this brillaint feature it is gorgeous and has great accessories,  is fuel efficient and very cute.

I’ve decided it really is time for a new car.


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