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Healthy Habits in Lockdown – to Carry Forward

Today – Healthy Habits in Lockdown

I have developed several new healthy habits in lockdown that I know I will carry forward with me as life begins to return to a ‘new’ normal

Oh, lockdown has been long and a bit lonely on occasion, especially I  as I have been shielding. But honestly, I can say hand on heart some silver linings have appeared and made this time quite precious in a way.




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The silver linings of lockdown – Healthy Habits in Lockdown

I have loved the many many more conversations I have had with my children, who are usually too preoccupied with friends and activities to spend hours and hours with me.’ I’ve also used my car a lot less.


And, rather than rush about I have also had lots of time to heal without pressure from being ill earlier in the year. I am feeling so well now.

And yes there has been a  lot of sunshine too – and oh how I love the sun. That has made me smile. I’m as brown as a berry and my body feels good.




Healthy Habits in Lockdown


Tai Chi

One thing I started when lockdown began was Tai Chi. If you are new to tai chi let me tell you it is a revelation. It is easy to pick up, makes you feel relaxed in no time at all and it stretches your body in lovely, flowing ways.

Just wonderful.

This is the Tai Chi routine |I have been following. It is so clear and very easy.



I like to do my Tai Chi barefoot on the grass, sometimes my OH joins in and sometimes my son does, but more often than not it just me in the early morning and it is wonderful. Such a gently way to start the day that also wakes my body up. I think everyone’s healthy habits in lockdown should include some exercise.


A morning coffee in the garden

After my Tai Chi, I drink my morning coffee in the garden and that is a pretty wonderful and one of my favourite new healthy habits in lockdown that I have got into.  The daylight really lifts my spirits and the fresh air and good coffee help me wake fully. Just perfect.


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Growing our own – Healthy Habits in Lockdown

We have been growing our own veg during lockdown and we have lettuces in abundance, strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers. It’s all very exciting. I love tending to our growing veg and eating it! It makes me feel all sorts of happy. 

I totally understand now why gardeners are always so jolly. It’s down to their pride and delight in their efforts.



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helathy habits in lockdown


I love my new healthy habits in lockdown and will certainly be keeping them up now lockdown is easing.


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I am loving the clothes from the wonderful Lighthouse clothing I have been reviewing and which you can see in photos through this post, casual but gorgeous the perfect way to dress during lockdown.


  1. June 15, 2020 / 8:33 pm

    It gives me a nice buzz to read this. So glad you are feeling much better. We are shielding too (we call it hiding) and to be honest, we are enjoying staying home. We love this new normal. Thankfully we have friends and neighbours who help us with getting what we need.
    Your outfits love nice and summery too. Love them.

    • becky
      June 15, 2020 / 8:47 pm

      Thankyou so much x

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