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Healthy and Tasty Vegetable Spring Rolls

Healthy and Tasty Vegetable Spring Rolls

Vegetable Spring Rolls

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Healthy and Tasty Vegetable Spring Rolls

Chinese New Year is the first big blimp in the year for all of us trying to keep our New Year’s Resolutions to eat healthier. All the TV adverts are about delicious Chinese food, the supermarkets are full of Chinese feast offers and I can almost guarantee you’ve had a text from your favourite Chinese takeaway about their special offers this weekend.

With all of this temptation about, it took all my will power to say no, especially to spring rolls. Vegetable spring rolls are my all-time favourite snack to order alongside a cheeky Chinese takeaway. However, it’s a new year and, as always, I’m trying to be good. I’ve found loads of veggie-friendly fakeaway recipes out there that have been great, but I was missing my spring rolls and just had to come up with a way to satisfy the craving.

You see, as amazing as a big bowl of takeaway spring rolls dipped into sweet and sour sauce is, the amount of grease, oil and fat isn’t even worth thinking about, but it’s certainly not doing your body any favours. That’s why this recipe is so perfect, it allows me to eat a takeaway favourite and even maintains the same great taste, but I know it’s much better for me and isn’t going to knock the diet too far off track – if at all.

Even better, this recipe also has regular people in mind – there’s no super fancy ingredients that you’ll need to go to a specialised market to get. Everything used is readily available in your local supermarket while on a budget.


Ingredients for  Healthy and Tasty Vegetable Spring Rolls

Spring roll wrappers/pastry (available in Tesco and similar)

½ cabbage sliced into very thin strips

2 large carrots grated coarsely

Soy sauce to taste

A few drops of sesame oil (optional)

Egg noodles (optional)

Toasted sesame seeds

100ml vegetable oil

1 beaten egg white


Method for  Healthy and Tasty Vegetable Spring Rolls

Heat oil in a very hot pan and sauté your vegetables until cooked but still crunchy.

Add in your soy sauce and sesame oil (if using) and salt to season.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool down before adding your toasted sesame seeds.

On a flat surface lay out your spring roll pastry and brush the sides with the egg white.

Add some of the vegetable mixture and then roll up (similar to enchilada) before placing on a baking sheet with the fold at the bottom.

Brush the spring rolls with a little vegetable oil and bake in the oven at 200C for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve piping hot with your favourite dipping sauce.

This is a super simple recipe and can be altered to make more, or less spring rolls, and to include more of your favourite veggies should you wish. Whether it’s just for you on a Friday night or for making a batch for a party, this recipe is quick and stress-free making it just perfect for me and anyone else with busy family life.

You can also totally customise this recipe to any of your dietary requirements. For instance, if you’re following a low carb or keto lifestyle, you can simply swap out the spring roll pastry wrappers for cabbage leaves instead. Never will you have to deny your spring roll cravings again!



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