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Here are the most popular types of wedding venues you should know about

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most memorable days of your life. You get to carefully design the perfect experience together with your partner, resulting in the perfect celebration of your unity with your friends and family.

One of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make is what kind of venue you go with. It will have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the wedding, and will dictate how many people you can invite. Let’s explore the most popular kinds of wedding venues out there.


Beach weddings

Beach weddings are quite iconic. They provide an expansive setting, a relatively laid-back environment, and the magic of being right next to the sea. With the sand between your toes, it’s the kind of wedding that a lot of people dream of.

Obviously, it’s best suited to fair weather days, which can be difficult to predict months in advance even during summer. As a result, it can be good to have a backup solution nearby just in case there’s a summer storm.


Farmhouse weddings

A very popular option is to hire out a traditional farmhouse and the surrounding land. Locations such as Heaton House Farm are specifically designed to cater to events such as weddings, and are often able to provide overnight accommodation for a sizeable portion of the party.

These rural kinds of venues provide you with ample space and allow you to create your own perfect world just for the wedding. They’ve been a favourite for hundreds of years, and we can’t see that changing any time soon.


most popular types of wedding venues


Vineyard weddings may seem a little clichéd nowadays, but they’re popular for a reason. Most vineyards have beautiful grounds in stunning locations, with sizeable properties nearby. Whether you go for Tuscany or Toulouse, there’s nothing quite like sipping on the wine that’s grown from the soil beneath your feet while tying the knot.


Historic venues

The UK has thousands of historic venues, some private and some looked after by public organisations and charities. To raise money to look after these castles and country houses, they’re often available for hire as wedding venues. 

If you’re looking for a rich elegance and charm for your wedding experience, then it’s definitely worth looking into. Many country houses and castles also have beautiful grounds and gardens, making them an ideal choice all around.



Finally, if you’re looking for something that’s elegant yet easy, you can go with a hotel wedding. Many upmarket hotels have banquet halls that you can hire out, and you’ll likely have very little to organise. 

They’ll be able to provide catering and other essential services, without you having to sort out much at all. It might not be as personalised as other wedding venues, but if that doesn’t matter to you as much, then it can be a great solution.

These are a few of the most popular options, but you can also think outside of the box. Just remember to try to choose somewhere that’s accessible and big enough for your guest list – beyond that, most other details can be sorted out with some creative thinking.

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