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2020’s Hottest Holiday Home Interior Design Trends

Today – Holiday Home Interior Design Trends in 2020

 Holiday Home Interior Design Trends, Holiday Home Interior Design Trends


Holiday Home Interior Design Trends in 2020

Holiday Home Interior Design Trends in 2020 look all kinds of exciting!

Holiday homes are unique in the opportunities that they present to enjoy less cluttered, more relaxing living environments. While our main residences gather all the clutter that comes with everyday life, holiday homes need only the key essentials. As such, they can be wonderfully serene spaces that allow owners to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Interior design plays a key role in this. That’s why the Taylor Wimpey España team dress a show home for each and every development that we build. Each of these show homes is unique and so all of them have their own sense of style, to give prospective buyers a real sense of the space and what they could do with it.

We have to stay one step ahead with the interior design, as those viewing the show homes with a view to buying a holiday apartment off-plan need to be thinking ahead to when it will be built, rather than the present day. As such, we’re already focusing on 2020’s hottest holiday home interior design trends.


Let’s talk about light

Light is a hugely important factor for many of those buying second homes in Spain. The Spanish sunshine is a key draw when it comes to the idea of the perfect holiday, so we ensure that this is maximised in each of our properties. Of course, some of that relates to the design of the home itself – so the inclusion of floor to ceiling windows, for example.

A super hot Holiday Home Interior Design Trends for 2020

However, mirrors play an important role in this too. Statement mirrors can help to flood a holiday home with light, as well as being artworks in their own right. That’s why our 2020 show homes all feature beautiful mirrors that brighten up their rooms and help to create a sense of space and relaxation.


Achieving serenity

That sense of space is essential. It’s why all Taylor Wimpey España homes are built with open plan kitchen and living room facilities, in order that family and friends can relax and enjoy the cooking process together. Design features like this are based on the idea that second homes should be serene places where happy memories are just waiting to be made.

A minimalist approach to interior design is key to this. We’ve chosen our 2020 furnishings with great care to ensure that they contribute to a home that exudes peace and comfort. Each piece is high quality, sleek and unobtrusive – anything that doesn’t contribute to the overall feel doesn’t make the grade.

Our show home at Emerald Greens in San Roque is a wonderful example of this. Fussy ornamentation is out – cool, clean lines and natural hues are very much in. Each room contains enough furnishings for comfort and sufficient objets d’art to create a sense of style without being overbearing. It’s a fine balance and one that our talented interior designers work hard to achieve.


Keep tones neutral

2020 sees the return of neutral tones when it comes to second homes. These are heavily influenced by the surrounding locations, with neutral shades reflecting the beauty of the natural environment, be it woodland, mountains or somewhere coastal.

The neutral base palette is another contributor to that sense of serenity that is so important to 2020’s holiday homes. It helps to limit the number of distractions that the mind is focusing on, instead instilling a feeling of calm – which helps to promote the relaxation that holidays are all about! It also allows home-owners to focus more fully on their superb natural views, whether they be of lush green golf courses or beautiful beachscapes.

Bringing a sense of nature indoors is also achieved through the range of materials that we feature in our show homes. Natural woods and cotton and linen fabrics all evoke a sense of nature and harmony and we use a layering effect to create additional interest.

Colours, too, are influenced by nature. We layer shades of brown, beige and cream tones beautifully, while using accent colours to reflect the property’s natural environment. For coastal properties, this might mean using blue tones, while homes near woodland or golf courses work well with a range of green shades. These are used subtly to add warmth to the base palette, emphasising the natural feel of the home. We also use yellow to similar effect in some of our show homes, to add to the overall sense of sunlight. Again, it’s a very subtle use that evokes a sense of nature rather than being anything too overt.


Holiday Home Interior Design Trends, 2020’s Hottest Holiday Home Interior Design Trends



Creating beautiful bedrooms

Bedrooms, over and above all other spaces in the home, need to deliver that sense of relaxation and safety. We achieve this in numerous ways in each of our show homes. Keeping bedrooms contemporary and uncluttered is one way – through recessed headboard lighting and handle-less drawers, for example.

Of course, bedrooms also need to feel warm and cosy, so we use voluminous quilts that provide a feeling of retreat and comfort, layering fabrics to present different colours and textures. Upholstered and textured headboards with eye-catching designs are a great way to add warm pops of colour as well, while also adding interest to the room.

Bedrooms are also ideal for floor dressings such as lavish rugs. Decorative panels can work well too, adding interest and colour.



Delivering relaxation

Ultimately, 2020’s holiday home interior design trends are about delivering relaxation. We live in uncertain times, in many respects, so achieving a sense of harmony and peace is sometimes hard. This is why this is so crucial to second home interior design in the coming year. Second homes are the places that we escape to in order to recharge, with a view to returning from our holidays relaxed and refreshed. The right interior design can help to achieve this the moment that the home-owner steps through their front door.

For those looking to recreate this sense of serenity in their second homes, the essential items to remember are:

  • Make the best use of both light and space through mirrors that also double as statement art pieces.
  • Keep your base palette neutral and natural, with pops of colour used subtly and sparingly to add warmth.
  • Avoid clutter wherever possible in order to maximise the sense of space and peace.
  • Ensure that bedrooms feel cosy and relaxing for the ultimate sense of retreat from the world.


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on Holiday Home Interior Design Trends and that it has inspired you


Holiday Home interior design trends in 2020 was written by Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España


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