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Holidays to St Lucia

Holidays to St Lucia are something extra special. It has astonishing beaches clear enticing blue seas and the friendliest people you could imagine. It is the perfect place to visit in the Caribbean and sure to delight all your senses. 


How to travel to St Lucia 

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Holidays to St Lucia


When is the best time to visit St Lucia

Most people consider the very best time to visit St Lucia to be between December and June as this is the period when it the driest. No one wants to get caught in downpours when they are on holiday.

It is warm all year round through and temperatures generally are between 28°C to 32°C. 



Things to see and do in St Lucia

There are so many fabulous watersports to try in St Lucia: water skiing and jet skis, boat rides and snorkeling, fishing and whale watching  and of course some sea swimming too. As well as luxurious resorts there are also sweet fishing villages. And, as well as the amazing Pitons( volcanic mountains) there ate also trails that lead through the rainforests to waterfalls like 15m-high Toraille waterfall which pours over a cliff into a garden below.

You can drive into a volcano, zip write through trees and hike the stunning mountains when you take holidays in St Lucia – a place of wide contrast and stunning beauty. 

The local cuisine is world renowned and an exotic blend of French, Creole and West Indian influences.

What a place to go on vacation!


Holidays to St Lucia


Festival time 

St Lucia’s festivals and events  are all simply fantastic. Let me run through with you some of the amazing festivals you could attend.

  • The no.1 Jazz Festival in the Caribbean – musical extravaganza
  •  St Lucia Independence day – street parades and celebrations
  • St Lucia Carnival – bands, dancing and full on festival vibes! 
  • Fisherman’s feast – a thanksgiving service and church events to give gratitude for the abundant fishing
  • La Rose flower festival – one of the two Flower Festivals La Rose” and “La Marguerite”  two Flower festivals depict a historical rivalry among communities whose members sing  about their chosen flower
  • Creole heritage month – a celebration of French Creole Heritage with  music, dance, cuisine food and  art 
  • Atlantic rally for cruisers  – an annual transatlantic sailing competition for racer and cruiser yacht
  • Festival of Lights – celebrated on National Day, December 13th, the Feast of Saint Luce, Patron Saint of Light.

and of course there are lots more. These go on throughout the year and involve a great deal of music, calypso, singing,  dancing, street food, parades and competitions. So diverse and so colourful!

It a is a such a vivid and vital culture it will always feel like there is a party going on somewhere in St. Lucia.



Holidays to St Lucia look amazing, so much to see and so much to do in absolute paradise. 


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