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A home adapted to your needs

What is the most important thing for you about you home?

I am a big believer in a home being beautiful and looking how you want it too. I believe it should capture the spirit of the family who live there and really represent them. I believe a home should be welcoming and comfortable and uniquely yours. But above all this I believe a home needs to meet your needs.

I struggle with stairs due to some health issues and I am hoping our next home will be  a bungalow or at the very least have a downstairs WC this would make my life so much easier. My mum used to have bath adaptations. So much can be done to meet mobility needs in the home and I think where possible if the need is there we must really try to ensure such adaptations are in place.  Just having a grab rail next to the bath for example could make a huge amount of difference to somebody’s safety and comfort. They make such a difference. A home that works for you is a beautiful space indeed.

To make a home right for you it really needs to meet you needs. This infographic from  www.premierbathrooms.co.uk  shows exactly what can be done to meet the needs of someone with mobility support requirements.  I have worked in my time in both children’s and nursing homes that did not have the right equipment for the specific needs of the people staying there. This made basic daily tasks such as bathing tricky and uncomfortable for both carers and residents. No one needs that. Dignity and ease is so important when it comes to personal care in particular and good adaptations can really make a huge difference to meeting these basic but  important needs.

Evolution of the Bathroom


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