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5 best Home Decorating Rules: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Home decorating rules – it is not an exact science. There are no strict formulas that one must live and die by. Instead, it is an entirely subjective and personal process that relies on your own taste and artistic or creative sensibilities. That being said, not everyone has a firm grasp on what might look nice or what might look absolutely vile. Here are some straight forward rules.



The Good Home Decorating Rules

 The best advice to offer anybody who hasn’t got a strong sense of what fits and what doesn’t, is to keep it simple. Over-complication of colour schemes, fittings, furniture selection or anything else will ultimately lead to a messy and confusing array of objects and shades.

The best colours are the simplest ones; you can’t for instance go wrong with white or beige. But you can with orange and lime green. Furniture should be classic. Stick to the materials that have stood the test of time. For example, there’s little sense in buying some flimsy bed that will have no longevity physically or stylistically. Solid Oak – like the beds sold through Metal Beds Ltd – lasts in more ways than one.

 wooden bed

The Bad Home Decorating Rules

 Badness comes in many forms in regards to home décor. More often than not though, it goes hand in hand with cheap furnishings. That’s not to say that all inexpensive furnishings are poorly made. But bargain basement offerings will do nothing to further the look of your home. Artwork for one doesn’t have to be ludicrously pricey. Your guests don’t expect original Van Gogh’s to be on the way. But choose good quality prints of nice images, as opposed to the downright garish ‘pieces’ you’ll find in cut-price stores all around the world.


The Ugly Home Decorating Rules

They say looks are subjective. But when it comes to home décor, some things are just downright ugly. Have you ever been to someone house, sat down in their garden and noticed fake flowers ‘growing’? Or perhaps you’ve visited your grandparents on Christmas day, and they’ve still got the plastic covering their sofa? Or maybe when you use the toilet at a party, you find yourself staring at seashells and stones through a transparent sea-themed toilet seat? Well, you get the idea.

Home Decorating Rules

Stick to What Works

 Home décor is as subjective as anything else. But there are some safe guidelines you may want to stick by. Disregard them, and you may find yourself making one of the above mistakes.

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