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Home Enhancements That Put You In The Upper Pricing Sector

Home Enhancements That Put You In The Upper Pricing Sector

Home Enhancements That Put You In The Upper Pricing Sector


Home Enhancements That Put You In The Upper Pricing Sector

Are you looking to do home enhancements that put you in the upper pricing sector?


Home Enhancements That Put You In The Upper Pricing Sector

Putting your home up on the market signifies you’ve had a change of plan in your life. Suddenly the home you once loved and cherished, is no longer of sentimental value to you. So many reasons can consume you for making this brave change. They could be work related to a new job in a new city will almost always mean you must move out and find somewhere local to live. It may also be because sadly you’ve gone through a divorce and you cannot bear to live in the home with all its memories. Another simple and honest might be that you’re looking to pocket a profit and one up your lifestyle to a new and better home. Regardless of the reasons, don’t make the same mistake countless others do. Some sellers don’t quite figure out how they should be thinking about their home. It’s no longer a home it’s a business venture. You’re now trying to switch from owning to squeezing as much money out of the property as possible. But getting into the higher price ranges is by no means an easy challenge to accept or accomplish. It’s going to require some brand new thinking and a little bit of elbow grease to increase your chances.


Integrated patio fountain

As society progresses and more technology companies are focussed on making products that make living easier and more comfortable, so are modern homes. The box-standard, sheer white walls, freshly coated fences in varnish and pebble driveways are getting a bit old. People want to live in all areas of their home, and not just use certain parts for special occasions. The garden the main guilty party that if you were to ask your home of what part gets less used than the rest, the finger would point outside. However in the UK, we get a lot of rain, and grey clouds are almost part of the national fabric. But when the sun is out, we can’t help ourselves but to sit outside, enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch the sunset. You’re less inclined to do this if you have a garden that is uneven, mainly lawn and very little space to sit down on a chair. A garden fountain is much like the centrepiece of the dining table, everybody flocks to it as if it had its own gravitational pull. Having one in the centre of your garden will immediately shoot up the list of desirable homes. The price would also make a leap toward the upper echelons whereby the home can potentially be categorised as exhibiting luxurious features.


The style does count also depending on what kind of increase in worth you’re looking for. This predicament is offset by personal taste as every home buyer won’t be the same of course. The two best options you have will be modern and contemporary. The modern fountains tend to be multilayered and make use of varying stones for each level. The design will lean toward the boxy shapes, and the water flow is generally slow to mild in speed. The contemporary fountain is more so going to be showing remnants of various traditional styles. It’s more curved and bold in size. Usually thinner at the top and wider at the base, the water flow is generally mild to fast. Integrating a fountain will cost you a pretty penny for digging up the lawn and soil to lay down the piping doesn’t come cheap. However, sitting around the fountain surrounded by the rest of the lawn is a great place to spend summers. The other options you have are to create a merger of lawn and a stone patio or the entire garden on a stone floor and a dedicated pathway.




Clear cut and expedient

Surprisingly you don’t need to do anything to your home in order for you to be considered to qualify in the upper price range. There’s an entire sector in the real estate industry that is professionally buying homes in order for further purposes. It could be a real estate agent that wants to increase their portfolio of how many houses they can are selling. It might be private buyers that want to buy and then flip the home for an even larger profit margin. You also the private buyers that have the money to buy your home and out of sheer convenience to them, they don’t mind paying extra to buy it quickly and beat out all other bidders.


You can sell your home to a cash buyer, get multiple offers from a company like flying homes  If you try flying homes you’ll see that the biggest advantage they have is a very large network of professional buyers. The research they did showed them that on average, going the normal route of hiring a real estate agent to survey and price the property, then going onto finding the right buyers will only net you 70% of the true value of your home. However, because of the vast network of professional buyers that are on the prowl for all kinds of property and the fact that they require urgency, you stand to net around 95% of your home’s true market value. You don’t have to add or change anything to your home, all that these kinds of avid buyers want is a clear cut attitude and expediency of the transaction. Be quick on your toes because you may be required to pack up and leave the home in a short space of time after the sale is made final. Best just to have your bags, boxes, and suitcases all ready to go beforehand.


Old but gold tactic

We associate the high life with some symbolic features that homes have. The big terrace balcony that allows you to enjoy breakfast in the sun and dinner under the stars. Large driveways that allow you to park your car any which way you like because there’s enough room for you to do a three-point turn anyway. And of course, the classic image of the ‘made it’ home, the back garden swimming pool. We’ve all seen the overhead shots that are taken from helicopters looking down onto the mansions of the rich and famous. The image of the swimming pool is a very tantalising and alluring prospect for the average homeowner.


Initially, you must work out what kind of pool you’re going to build. A large Olympic size pool is perhaps out of the question. The most common form of swimming pool is the average family size pool. It’s around 12ft by 24ft with around a 2-metre depth which is going to fit in most sub-urban home gardens. Next, you have to worry about the labour costs for the project to get going. The ground works are going to include, digging the hole in the ground and moving several tons of earth out of the way. The pipework and trenches will need to be dug so the pool is constantly supplied with fresh water since evaporation and splashing will lower the levels gradually. The next problem is levelling the site around the pool as you don’t want to have unsafe terrain near a water source. Tripping and falling into the pool because of an uneven ground such as a hilly lawn or inclined garden is very hazardous. It’s best to get a heated swimming pool in the UK as on some cool nights the homeowners can still be able to utilize it if they wish. On average it will cost between £50,000 to £70,000 to build the pool but done correctly, and to a high standard, it could add double the amount paid to build it. There is a very real possibility that a heated swimming pool could fetch you well over triple digits to the addition of your overall property value.




Grandiose greeting entrance

Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of neo-classical design for the architecture of your home. Front doors and entrances should be a statement about either the house itself or the occupants living in it. Front door columns would make for a grandiose entrance theme for those that knock on your front door and or enter past them as guests to your home. The columns are going to be best suited if they’re cut out of marble. These types are high quality which will range in the thousands of pounds (£). However, you can also get Greco-Roman style columns that are made out of hard fiberglass and range from anywhere between £500 to £1,500. You have a choice of the columns being in pale white, a dull cream and other variants of colour can also be slate grey or glistening black.


How easy is selling your home

Selling your home can, in fact, be quite easily straightforward. You can go the usual route that millions of people take by hiring a real estate agent to do all the hard work for you. But don’t expect to get the best price for your property. You can, however, expect to wait weeks and possibly months before you even get whiff of a good deal. If you want to sell your home quickly and get the maximum value for it, the best way is to achieve this is to target professional property buyers.


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