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Hooked to Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring: Trending Styles for 2023


Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring


Have you ever wondered why women take more time to finalize their engagement rings? They want it to be a blend of magnificence and meaning. Women usually delve into the stunning ring designs worn by their favorite celebrities to draw inspiration. Most have been attracted to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and want something similar!

Prince Harry proposed to the beautiful Meghan Markle with a gorgeous three-stone ring that has profound meaning. It pays tribute to the beautiful Princess Diana as well. At the center lies a cushion-cut stone of 3 carats. It’s from Botswana where Meghan and Harry had their first vacation. This account was mentioned in the book, “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan”.

Furthermore, the two side stones were taken from Princess Diana’s exquisite jewelry collection. Prince Harry, while speaking with “People Magazine”, shared that the diamonds were taken to symbolize the presence of his late beloved mother and her love, which is a part of their journey.

A ring layered with such thoughts garnered much appreciation from the world and Meghan herself. No wonder style-conscious women have taken fancy to this celebrated ring. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best engagement ring styles for 2023 that women can choose to symbolize their love, relationship ethos, and their unique style.


Trending Engagement Ring Styles for 2023

While it’s commonly said that “a diamond is forever,” engagement ring styles evolve with time. Beneath the glitz and glamor of selecting the perfect ring lies a serious decision-making process. After all, this is something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Many women find themselves torn between the allure of a lab-grown diamond or the elegance of a moissanite. Some even consider the option of choosing a gemstone like sapphires, which not only hold fame but also exude class and charisma. And then comes the decision of the setting—should it be a solitaire, cathedral, bezel, or pave?

If you’re facing the same dilemma, worry not! Here are a few trending engagement ring choices for 2023 that will imbue your jewelry with meaningful symbolism without compromising on style and shine:


●       Classic Single Stone Ring

The eternal single-stone engagement ring is a smart choice! It’s captivating how the single stone draws attention, more so when a huge chunk of it lies at the center. The main stone provides ample design scope for the nearby elements, such as the setting and the shank.

It’s indeed a challenge to get a blend of a dramatic and striking appearance, making minimal use of metal to make the diamond the focal point. Even though the dazzling round cut is the ideal option for solitaire rings, other diamond shapes can add to the overall beauty.

It’s both fascinating and fun to explore other diamond shapes, which can add to the allure and distinctiveness of this trending ring style. Popular celebrities donning this ring style are Blake Lively and Sophia Vergara, who have added their unique customizations to it.


●       Dynamic Three-Stone Ring

The three-stone ring is versatile, enabling women to experiment with various diamond shapes and genres. Usually, at the center, there is a fancy-shaped or round diamond and the complementary side stones improve its beauty. The interplay of varied diamond sizes and shapes makes it visually appealing.

These ring styles usually incorporate bridge accents, trellises, and various other decorative aspects. The flexibility and ease of design make this ring a popular style among women today. To know more about this, you can explore designs here: https://www.leibish.com/engagement-rings/3-stone-rings.

Leibish states that the three-stone engagement ring symbolically represents the present, past, and future. It also embodies balance, strength, and the power of three. The price range tends to vary between $12,500 and $58,400, which ensures there is something for everyone. Being a timeless piece of beauty and elegance, this ring is apt to capture the essence of anyone’s love story.


●       Lab-Grown Diamonds

The trendy lab-grown diamonds are gaining momentum! Since they’re chemically identical to natural diamonds, these stones are manufactured.  Additionally, they are affordable compared to real diamonds.

Since these diamonds enable people to select from vast options at a reasonable price, they will keep on being the favorite for many women. Furthermore, lab-grown diamonds enable women to create the statement look they want within a price range comfortable to them.


While the timeless elegance of Meghan’s three-stone ring remains a popular choice, we can expect to see an array of captivating options in the market. From the ethereal beauty of lab-grown diamonds to the mesmerizing charm of sapphires, and the allure of unique gemstones, the choices are bound to cater to every individual’s taste and preferences.

As style-conscious women embark on their journey to find the perfect symbol of love and commitment, the trending engagement ring styles for 2023 offer an enticing blend of meaningful symbolism, breathtaking design, and undeniable sheen.

Whether it’s a single stone solitaire, an intricately designed setting, or a fusion of contemporary and classic elements, these ring choices will undoubtedly add a touch of timeless elegance to any love story.




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