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How a retractable roof can transform your patio


Today  – How a retractable roof can transform your patio

Retractable patio roofs, also known as pergolas, can give your patio or garden space a new, refreshed look that will allow you to spend more time outdoors and make the most of our garden space. These retractable roofs in Ireland from Designer Shade Solutions are the best choice for homes all across Ireland and England.


How a retractable roof can transform your patio


Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable roofs are modern pergolas that feature retractable and tilting louvered roofs, which offer protection from rain, sun and wind. As this article on the Spruce mentions, adding a rooflike structure to your outdoor space will not only “extend the amount of time you spend outdoors entertaining guests or relaxing” but will also increase the value of your home.

These retractable roof pergolas can define outdoor dining and entertainment spaces, offer privacy and adorn your garden for many years to come. These modern pergolas boast the style and feel of a traditional pergola but include innovative features that make them stand out from their traditional alternatives.



As Chelsea Mamma mentions, the “downside of traditional pergolas is the fact that these don’t offer all-weather coverage. This is where their modern counterparts come into play.” When choosing an outdoor structure for your garden, it’s essential to consider its benefits and advantages – so, if you are considering a traditional pergola, think again.


Traditional pergolas are stunning and will look great in any garden, however, these lack in coverage from the elements, making them not the best choice for Irish or English homes. Becky Goddard-Hill from Baby Budgeting agrees and mentions that “modern pergolas are the ideal choice if you want a garden structure that will protect you from the elements. Its roof can easily open when the weather is pleasant, close if it starts to rain or simply tilt for some shade during hot summer days.”



Modern pergolas by Designer Shade Solutions can be installed as a centrepiece in the middle of your garden to create a unique focal point or can be installed attached to your home as an extension to your current living space, giving you a seamless balance between outdoor and indoor living.

In a recent blog post, Fashion Mommy comments on how these pergolas can be customised to meet your style and function requirements. “Want lighting in your pergola? Done. Want heating in your pergola? Done. Want side glass screens and all of the above? Done, done, done. You’ve created the perfect indoor/outdoor retreat that you can enjoy all year round.”



These innovative and modern pergolas seem to really be the perfect addition to any house or outdoor space. Who doesn’t want to use their garden space all-year-round?


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