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How are Harrington Jackets made?

A Harrington jacket is a versatile waist-length jacket that typically comes with pockets and a collar. Harrington jackets can be layered with sweaters and t-shirts or worn with a single piece of clothing underneath, and this makes them an excellent jacket to wear all year round! Typically, Harrington jackets are made out of cotton, wool, and polyester, which combine to create a long-wearing piece of clothing ideal for everyday use. This specific type of jacket is distinctive as it has a specific shape, as well as a unique chequered interior, so it’s always easy to tell who else is sporting a Harrington jacket. They’ve been a staple piece of clothing amongst men and women for many years, even decades, as they’re comfortable, warm, and easy to style with other clothing.



Harrington Jackets


Before we discuss how Harrington jackets are made, let’s probe a little deeper into the history and the uses of this statement piece.


History of the Harrington Jacket

The Harrington jacket is a popular and notorious item of clothing that many subcultures and groups want to lay claim to. However, there can be no single owner of the Harrington jacket silhouette, as there were many groups of people that were involved in the popularity of Harrington jackets.

In Manchester in the early 1930s, there were two brothers that found great success manufacturing full-length coats; the company was named Baracuta. Once these designs grew in popularity and were worn by the elite of the United Kingdom, they filtered through into a wider group in society.


The brothers noticed that the full-length aspect of the coat did not suit all activities or all people, so they created a shorter version named the Baracuta G7 jacket. This was worn by a whole range of people, from Bing Crosby to Ronald Reagan.


However, the Harrington jacket got its official namesake from Ryan O’Neal, who wore it as his jacket in the show “Peyton Place”. It became so synonymous with the character Rodney Harrington’s style that it got its famous name from there.


When Can I Wear My Harrington Jacket?

Well, due to the versatile nature of Harrington jackets, they can be worn in all seasons. It’s perfect for spring, autumn, and winter, as it has room to add extra clothing underneath to make it a warm coat.

Harrington jackets are iconic, multi-faceted and practical pieces of clothing. They never really go out of fashion, and you’ll always see someone wearing one in the street, whatever year it is. We recommend them strongly due to their high-quality and robust design, so go get your hands on one!


So, How Are Harrington Jackets Made?

Typically, Harrington jackets were manufactured in the UK, and their original purpose was to be worn outdoors. This resulted in a piece of clothing made from robust materials that wouldn’t become extremely heavy if caught in an unexpected rain shower, something that is fairly common in England. In the past, the shell of a Harrington jacket was made with a water-repellent poly-cotton blend with a vent that is inspired by an umbrella on the back. This design aids the runoff of water, which helps whatever trousers you choose to pair your Harrington jacket with not get wet.


In addition to the vent on the back, there are also two flap pockets that are slanted and completed with concealed buttons. The handy design, when manufactured, also has an elasticated waistband and cuffs to keep you warm and dry in any bad weather. The core elements also include a stand-up, double-button collar that many people in mod fashion used to wear snapped up.


Most Harrington jackets will be manufactured using high-quality and premium fabrics in order to create a piece that will last well over time.

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