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How Can VAT Software Increase My Sustainability?

Since there have been more calls to pay attention to climate change, businesses might also be asked to change some of their working processes to better help the environment. There may be alterations that you have already made to help the world around you, but other aspects may not have been considered as a means of lowering your business carbon footprint for the year.


Less Paper

You can potentially reduce the number of trees that are felled every year by using VAT software which will put all of your data into a digital format. The use of paper, and printing itself, also takes up energy, which contributes towards your carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to this, you may also be able to save money attributed to printing costs, through no longer needing reams of paper, or needing to replace ink cartridges.

While some of your VAT information may need to be stored, other documents might be shredded and discarded, so a digital system can also cut down on your level of business waste. Where you do need to use paper, it could be a good idea to consider using pre-recycled materials, or making sure that any waste documents you do have are adequately destroyed to get rid of personal or financial data, and then recycled so that they can be turned into another useful product.



Use Anywhere

There are only a few countries left in the world that do not have internet access, or where it is severely limited or monitored. This does, of course, exclude areas that may have poor signal, should you opt to use mobile data.

Due to this, a piece of VAT software could be used from practically anywhere that the user is. This can greatly help, should you need to make alterations outside of working hours, or even need to share data with others in your company. Remote working with VAT software promotes sustainable working through negating the need for employees to travel, often using fossil fuels, to a designated place of employment to be able to complete financial tasks.



Potential for Saving Electricity

VAT software only really needs to be accessed when you need to create reports, invoices, send returns, or update data. Since most use of the internet affects the environment, the software doesn’t need to be open or running all of the time, which can also conserve power.

The same could be said for any tablet or smartphone apps that allow you to access your VAT account. By being able to share the data simply through logging in, you can also decrease your footprint by no longer needing to send emails with large attachments, and also keep the data that much more secure.

VAT software, along with other forms of software, can help you to become a more environmentally-friendly business. By incorporating this, and finding other ways to help the planet, while still conducting your work, you could find that your annual carbon footprint is reduced.


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