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How CBD can help with sports

How CBD can help with sports? Have you ever wondered about this?

Are you sporty?

I love sport, playing tennis, riding horses, a good game of cricket with my kids on the beach. I go tot he gym regularly and love a long walk but competitive sport – no that’s never been my thing particularly.

For people that do love sport though and take it seriously, there is a new sports aid on the market that can help – CBD.

Let me tell you a bit more about it – despite your reservations it is good to be informed and know a bit moe about it I tfeel.


What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) belongs to a family of compounds called cannabinoids. They exist outside of the body, and when consumed, can influence a vast network of receptors within the body and research has shown they can  boost our health and wellbeing


How CBD can help with sports


How CBD can help with sports

Well, there are a fair few myths about CBD and we need to look at these when considering how CBD can help with sports.



Lots of people mistakenly assume that because THC (CBD’s psychotropic cousin) disrupts focus, CBD will do the same. But CBD is not the same as THC and  research has proven it is not disruptive to mood or motivation

‘CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential”, going on to add that “to date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD”.

Poor sleep causes stress and really impacts our ability to focus – there are a number of studies on the use of CBD to help with stress and sleep and thus the link to improving focus is made. Focus is of course key to sport.

Take a look here, where Cibdol discusses the best ways to take CBD if you are thinking this is something you might like to explore. There are many options including oils, creams, capsule s and supplements


How CBD can help with sports


How CBD can help with sports – Muscle tension & Recovery

CBD can also be a real asset when it comes to muscle recovery.  Sometimes when we have worked out hard our muscles can feel sore and become inflamed. CBD  can help with this byreducing inflammation and aiding a  faster recovery. High-protein diets and stretches are common remedies fo the inevitable sore muscles that come with a good workout but CBD can also help with this and make s an unusual and distinctive alternative.

A study from 2012 showed that cannabinoids “significantly suppress chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain” by targeting specific receptors. Isn’t that interesting? Muscle soreness and tearing is all part of building strong muscles so it’s nothing to be feared but you do want to recover as fast as possible

If you want to keep exercising regularly then this really can be a useful sports aid.


How CBD can help with sports


Anxiety can block you from so many things and social anxiety can make attending sports groups or sporting event particularly difficult. This won’t help your fitness one bit and it will also prevent you from having a great deal of fun. CBD has displayed anxiolytic effects in a fair few preclinical studies and it is considered a possible future treatment for anxiety disorders.

So yes CBD can help with you being focused, muscle inflammation and confidence – all really useful to your sports performance.


I do hope you enjoyed this post on how CBD can help with sports – have you experienced this?



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