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How Custom-Made Bed Frames Define Your Sleeping Space

How do you define your sleeping space?

Most people attribute a good night’s sleep to a sturdy mattress but do not underestimate the impact of a well-made bed frame.

A great quality bed frame will hold your mattress in place and may ensure that your sleep isn’t disturbed by noises such as squeaking, sliding, creaking, and much more. To ensure that it’s sturdy enough to hold your mattress, get custom-made bed frames. 

With mattresses nowadays being made with more layers and heavier materials, it’s better to get a bed frame that won’t let it sag or lead to any instabilities that may need premature replacement. 

In addition to providing a hold for your mattress, your bed space may also determine your sleeping space in the ways discussed in this article. 


 Define Your Sleeping Space


Makes Your Space Aesthetically Pleasing

Your room has a specific theme that a bed frame can elevate. With a custom-made frame, you are able to choose the colour, design, and size that’ll blend with your overall theme to create a cohesive look. 

A great bed frame will add a certain level of sophistication by elevating your mattress and boosting the visual appeal of the space. It will also eliminate the shabby look and add a final finish layer to your sleeping space, making it great for the overall look. And to level up, choose a custom-made bed from companies like Sleep.8, to match your room’s colour and theme.


Offers Better Support

You may notice that your mattress tends to sag due to applied pressure, especially when you tend to sleep in one place over time. However, you can’t solemnly depend on a mattress alone to offer sufficient support for a good night’s sleep. 

As a result, when you get your frame custom-made, you can get a foundation or box spring that’ll offer sufficient support and prevent back pain, restlessness, and many more support-related issues. 

The frame will also ensure that your mattress stays in one place and doesn’t move to avoid scratches that may ruin your sleeping space. A bed frame will hold it in place all through the night, and you won’t risk getting your mattress slipping under you.


Custom-Made Bed Frames

You Get Additional Storage Space

A bed frame usually elevates the mattress and leaves open space below. As a result, you can utilize it as additional storage space for your items and belongings. For instance, if you live in a cramped space and love hosting friends, then you’ll have space to store your blow-up mattress out of sight. 

You can get storage containers that fit under your bed frame and fit in items like books, your seasonal clothing, photo albums, and others to prevent them from getting mould. 


Keeps The Insects And Mould At Bay

Some mattresses can be very heavy; thus, it doesn’t make sense to move them frequently, and they may remain in the same spot for a long time. The disadvantage is that it may harbour insects or fungi that may ruin the mattress in the long run. 

Additionally, since the mattress doesn’t get moved frequently, it may cause mould in places that come into contact with the floor. Mould may ruin the mattress, and you may need to replace it after a short time, making it wasteful. 


Its Better For Your Health And Posture

Bed frames come in different designs, materials, and fabrics that help improve your posture and health in general. A custom-made bed frame will be designed with your health and wellbeing in mind. 

For instance, adjustable beds reduce swelling as you can sleep with your legs elevated above the heart level. It also reduces pain in ligaments and joints and alleviates back pains that lead to a lack of proper sleep. 

In addition, sleeping in an alleviated position helps reduce sleep apnea, which stops breathing for short periods. Your air passage will be unblocked, and air will pass easily and boost blood flow through your organs. 


Bottom Line

Everyone dreams of good undisturbed sleep that leaves you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. As a result, you may need an additional element to ensure you improve your entire sleeping space, especially when it comes to your bedding. 

Apart from numerous elements, a bed frame is very important in ensuring you are comfortable, well alleviated, and ripping some health benefits such as reducing sleep apnea. And when you opt for custom-made beds, you’ll get a chance to choose your bed frame based on your preference and budget. 

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