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How Does Stoptober Help In Quitting Smoking

How Does Stoptober Help In Quitting Smoking?

Smoking, either active or passive, both are injuries to health. It causes many diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc., increasing the death rate worldwide. Many campaigns started to abandon smoking, like PHEs established in 2018 and Vapril; both recommend vaping (the use of disposable vapes) instead of smoking as vape clouds are not as harmful as cigarette smoke. The most popular initiative for quitting is Stoptober. 




How Does Stoptober Help In Quitting Smoking

What Is Stoptober?

Stoptober is an initiative for smokers to quit smoking for 28 days in the month of October to leave it forever. This campaign was established by Public Health England in 2012 and gained great fame. Social media plays a vital role in spreading awareness about Stoptober. People like this initiative as it encourages them to stop smoking because they are not alone; many people are in this campaign to give up smoking.

This plan is built on the theory that by giving up smoking for 28 days, you are more likely to leave it permanently. Most people use safer alternatives, like RandM Tornado 7000 vape. Everyone gets motivation from each other and tries to give up smoking. Support from family and friends is also essential to give up this habit. If an individual wants to practice abandoning smoking, it will undoubtedly be difficult in the start, but with companions, you will definitely find out the way.

It is difficult for chain smokers to quit because they get addicted to nicotine, but Stoptober can help to shatter the addiction and habit of smoking. After practising this challenge, the chances of giving up smoking will be five times more. More than one million people have participated in this initiative since PHE created it. The primary purpose of Stoptober is to help smokers to quit smoking without any pressure. 


Impacts Of Stoptober:

England’s smoking rate is decreasing, but up to 6 million adults are still smoking. In 2019, the rate of smokers in the UK was more than 6.9 million people. In preceding years Stoptober helped over 1.9 million people to leave smoking. The target audience for this plan is smokers from 35 to 60 years, which is the core audience, and younger smokers from 18 to 35 years are the secondary audience because they have the mental and physical potential to quit any habit. 

This plan does not suggest forcefully quitting; instead, stop-smoking consultations can give you face-to-face instructions for kicking away this habit. Through the medium of these suggestions, you will find out the tricks to abandon smoking, such as disposable vapes like Elux Legend 3500 Puffs device. 


Support For Participants Of Stoptober: 

  • Free NHS App for guidance
  • Daily E-mail reminders
  • Online Community of Soptobers for any support
  • Facebook Messenger bots
  • Stop-Smoking Motivation Ads
  • Daily SMS alerts 


You Can Use Alternatives:

Cigarettes contain many dangerous chemicals that can cause many fatal diseases and cause death. It also has highly addictive nicotine, which leaves long-lasting effects on smokers’ bodies. One can use alternatives, such as vapes like Aroma King 3500 kit, to satisfy nicotine cravings. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking and also convenient.

Vaping devices are available in many flavours and also in various beautiful designs. Vape clouds leave a soft smell according to the flavour used. Vaping devices are mainly divided into two categories, disposable and rechargeable vapes. Disposable vapes are easy to carry and handle and affordable; also, there is no need for maintenance as compared to rechargeable.



As we know, cigarette causes many diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc. Cigarettes can also cause death. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco products kill more than 8 million people worldwide. Stoptober, an initiative to quit smoking for 28 consecutive days, was started in 2012 by PHE. The motive of this plan was to encourage smokers to abandon it for 28 days with the aim of leaving it permanently.    


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