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How Emerald Jewelry Can Make You Feel Beautiful Inside & Out?


Emerald is a symbol of royalty, eloquence, and wit. It is also known as ‘The jewel of the king and is the birthstone for May. Emerald is said to possess mystical properties, making it superior to other gemstones. With its stunning green color, emerald can be used for various jewelry pieces. 

Here are a few ways that emerald jewelry can make you feel beautiful.

Opening Your Heart Chakra

If you want to heal your heart chakra, keep an emerald necklace close to your heart. This stone will help you let go of self-hatred and embrace self-love. Your life will be filled with more unconditional love thanks to emerald’s calming energy.


Use It to Tap Into Gemini or Taurus Energy When Meditating

Even if Taurus or Gemini are not your zodiac sign, Emerald, the birthstone for May, can bring out those qualities in you.

Emerald will instantly help you bring out Taurean attributes because it is linked to Venus and dependable, grounded, and creative energies.

Inquisitive, energetic Gemini could be beneficial as well. Emerald can inspire you at this time by improving your oratory skills and bringing in newness and beneficial change.


Express Your Unique Beauty

Emerald stones are beautiful. They have been traditionally connected with the Goddess of beauty, Venus, and their essence and sparkling attributes won’t go overlooked.

Wearing an emerald will highlight your positive traits and make them more apparent to others, especially during the Emerald birthstone month. It will also make you feel good about yourself. Emerald is here to make you shine both inside and out because of its remarkable ability to bring out your unique beauty.

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Evokes Power

Emerald is renowned for its fantastic healing qualities and power, in addition to its beauty. Even the smallest piece can help you experience joy, draw in unwavering love, and feel powerful.


Inspiring Intuition

Choose emerald earrings, bracelets, or necklaces if you want to improve your intuition and sense of interconnectedness with the universe. Emerald birthstone jewelry can help you unlock blocks to your intuition. That way, you can be inspired throughout the emerald birthstone month.

Emerald jewelry can enlighten you and help you reconnect with your sixth sense and the spiritual realm.


Use It With a Grounding Stone to Foster a Sense of Hope

Attaining a sense of grounding is crucial for your well-being. When the world around you is in turmoil, you can use emerald to maintain composure and a sense of optimism.

Hematite is incredibly regulating and peaceful, and it can help you achieve a sense of calmness. When combined with emeralds, they can help you persevere through difficult situations and recognize how strong you really are.

When onyx is involved, it protects your energy field from negative influences that cause feelings of fear.


How Emerald Jewelry Can Make You Feel Beautiful Inside & Out?

Promoting a Sense of Softness

Emeralds are the softest gemstones. Even though inclusions can improve the overall appearance of an emerald, they also increase the likelihood of breaking if it is dropped or exposed to sudden changes in temperature.

Therefore, to stop chipping, the cracks in most emeralds are filled with oil. It would be best never to use a chemical cleaner or an ultrasonic machine to clean an emerald. Instead, simply rinse any debris away with warm water, let it air dry, and then wipe with a soft cloth. To take further precautions against the stone becoming extremely brittle, you can cover emeralds with baby oil.

The delicate nature of emerald jewelry can promote a sense of femininity and overall softness.

In conclusion, emerald jewelry has a way of bringing out your inner and outer beauty. It symbolizes beauty, royalty, wit, and an overall sense of power. 

The gemstone promotes intuition, power, and a general sense of softness. The benefits include: opening your heart chakra, expressing unique beauty, and aiding in meditation. 



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