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How exercising can improve your mental health

Today – How exercising can improve your mental health


How exercising can improve your mental health

How exercising can improve your mental health


Author: Zvonimir Brnas

How exercising can improve your mental health

Remember the last time you were physically active? Remember the post-exercising feeling? You probably said: “I will do this on a regular basis”, or “This is a perfect thing for me”. But somehow you have been skipping those activities even though they are very beneficial for you and your physical and mental health.

Maybe these five reasons will show you how exercising can improve your mental health and they will help you decide that doing it on a regular basis should be your new healthy habit.


  1. Exercising is a stress relief therapy

There are numerous studies which show positive impacts exercising has on your mental health. Often people start exercising when the feeling of pressure is on a very high level. Demanding work time, family obligations and different things from our surroundings are just some of the drops in the sea of a stressful life.

After a few starting workout routines, feeling that “hard thoughts” are leaving their mind is something common to all the new gym members or joggers. They feel more focused on what they do, and that stress is abandoning them. This is the first benefit for people who are developing a healthy habit of exercising.


  1. Exercising is good for your social life

Gyms, group training routines, cycling groups, you name it. In all of those places you can exercise and in all of those you are surrounded by other people with similar interests. When you find yourself in such a place you have to interact with your surroundings.

Soon you will understand that you have some common background with some of the people. Next thing is developing new friendships. Everything is possible when you open yourself to a group of people and interact with them. By doing that you will develop a feeling of belonging. That feeling is a very important piece of the puzzle to help with mental health.


  1. Exercising makes you a winner

As always, every start is hard. Same is with developing an exercising habit. Maybe you are not satisfied with the training program you have chosen or your starting results in a weight loss are not the ones you have expected. That uphill road will help you understand that a lot of effort is going to be needed to accomplish your goals. Don’t burden yourself with instant and unrealistic goals in the beginning.Instead of that, set daily or weekly tasks for yourself. “I will exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday, I will go for a nice horse riding stress relief therapy.” Those are small goals which help you accomplish greater ones like: “I will develop exercising habit and spend more time in nature.” Once you are on a top of your goals, you will look down at the base of the mountain. That first exercising Monday was that starting point.


  1. Exercising can help you control anger

That terrible emotion of anger is something we all feel in some situations. Some people are filled with anger and they need to blow out a bit and become more aware of their behavior. Some will find boxing  a perfect way of doing that.

On the other hand, others will benefit more from controlling approach which is more represented in arts like Aikido. If anger is your problem this can help a lot. Try some of the martial arts and they will teach you a lot.


  1. Choose exercising as your habit

Besides the ways I mentioned above, there are numerous other ways of how exercising can improve your quality of life. It is important to act like an adult and stand behind your decision. That decision starts the moment you make it. Not tomorrow, not next week.

Keep that in mind. Show yourself how responsible and determined you can be. There will be only sunny days after that I am sure.


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