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How Interior Design influences the Way We Feel in a Room

Have you ever been in a room where you almost felt claustrophobic for no real reason? Or maybe you entered into one and you suddenly felt at peace with yourself ? This is the kind of emotions that interior design can make you feel. In this article, we will explain how it does so.


How Interior Design influences the Way We Feel in a Room


The choice of colour

This is certainly the first element that enters into play when it comes to feeling different sensations inside a room. Some colours should definitely be avoided if you have depressive tendencies (dark tones), while others will help you keep a good state of mind, every day of your life. You may not have noticed this before, but most of the large fast food chains use red and yellow in their logo, but also on the walls of their restaurants. That is because they are two colours that lighten up your mood. If you want to wake up happy and ready to go in the morning, paint your walls yellow and let the sun shine in, when the morning comes. To complete the therapy, paint one of your kitchen wall bright red. You will leave the house ready to conquer the world, every day.

If you want to use colours in an even more powerful way, you can choose wallpapers. That is because they tend to mix colours with patterns, shapes and forms. Of course, if you enjoy something strongly, like cats for example, and you choose a wallpaper full of them, chances are that whenever you enter into this room, you will smile. But it can also be used in a more subtle way, by selecting one that has a variety of colour tones on it. They will help amplify the mood that you are in, on a given day, as you will associate with it, in a variety of ways. 

How the Light comes into the Room

This is the second most important element that will influence the way you feel, when you enter into a room. Unless you are a cinematographer, who has learned how to recreate the various levels of the light of day, you will never be able to create sensations as powerful as by increasing or reducing the amount of sun rays that come into a room. If a house is poorly lit, in terms of natural lighting, the feelings will tend to be negative. Of course, a reduced light also induces intimacy, more easily, and it can be relaxing at times. But in the long term, it can only create depression feelings.

You can certainly play with the amount of light that you let in, but you should always give the possibility for every room to be flooded with sunlight. A room needs to be inundated with this kind of light, every once in a while, in order to regain its energy. Otherwise, the lack of it will be transferred into the people that walk these rooms. So tear down the walls and add large windows. Then you can choose how much light to let in, on a daily basis. 



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