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How Long Should An Intro Video Be?

How Long Should An Intro Video Be? – do you know?

Intro videos are all the rage these days. However, there are numerous things you should be careful about when making such a video since you do not want to bore your audience. We have gathered some useful tips to tell you how long an ideal intro should be and the best way to make a lasting impression on your audiences.


How Long Should An Intro Video Be? Keep it short and relevant

The golden rule for intro videos is that they should be small. Intro videos allow you to introduce yourself and your brand to your viewers, which is why we suggest having one. However, remember that the purpose of this video is to “introduce” and not regurgitate the entire video that is to come. If you make such an intro video, this will have two pitfalls.

Firstly, people will lose interest in the actual video since they know everything from the intro, and secondly, they will skip the intro video. If they start skipping, it means that you are not able to communicate your brand name to them! This is why we always suggest keeping intro videos relatively short and using them only to get the name and features of your brand across.


How long is your video overall?

However, there is no golden rule or ideal length for all intro videos. At the same time, you will see that many places say that the ideal length is 5-7 seconds, which is not true for all videos. Yes, if your overall video is about 1 minute in length, a 5-7 second intro is good since it is a small proportion compared to the rest of the length. However, if your full video is about 30 minutes in length, you could even take 50-60 seconds to introduce your channel and the video’s topic. This is why an intro maker will give you different video lengths to choose from since a one size fits all approach does not work here!

How to make sure people don’t skip your intro video?

One of the reasons we recommend short intro videos is that it ensures that people do not lose interest. You want your audience to watch your intro video so that your name and brand get across to them, and if they start skipping it, it means that your branding is not working! Moreover, we suggest using catchy videos and designs that catch the audience’s eye. Since you only have a few seconds, make them count!

Take a hint from the comments

If you want to know whether your intro videos are too long, take a hint from the comment sections. We know that many people tend to steer away from the comment section since they can be full of unpleasant remarks. However, when you are starting a new channel, you need to look at what kind of feedback you are getting to improve accordingly. One indication that your intro video is too long is that people have put down timestamps in the comment sections.

By highlighting the time when the content of the video starts, these commenters are telling others that this is where the relevant part of the video begins so that they can fast forward to it. If you see many such comments, it means that your intro is going to waste since everyone is forwarding through it! This is a great indication of when your video has crossed the line into the “too long” territory and needs to be shortened.

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