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How Mirrors Can Be Used to Transform Your Home

Mirrors can be used for more than just fixing your hair and makeup, or seeing how you look in that new outfit. If you’re looking for stylish ways to transform your home, mirrors can help you do this.


How Mirrors Can Be Used to Transform Your Home


Make your home feel more spacious

Space is always important in your home. Even if your rooms are already spacious, mirrors can give the appearance of having even more, depending on where you place them.

If you want to create your own unique designs, you can use antique mirror glass from Osborn Glass to create your own home project. The glass is cut to your requirements, and they have twelve stunning options to choose from.


Can be used to maximise light

If you position a mirror in the part of the room which gets the most natural light, you can maximise the light in that room. This has several benefits, including natural light being better than fluorescent lighting, and making the room feel more welcoming. So even if it’s not a room where you entertain guests, it’s still important to feel at home. You spend the most time there. It also means your electric bill will be lower.


Used as kitchen tiles

Mirrored tiles can look great in your kitchen too, reflecting the light, and making your cooking and eating space feel airy. This can make the time you spend cooking more enjoyable, so you’ll feel more inspired to cook more, or just to use the kitchen as a place for spending quality time with family, and entertaining guests.


Can be used on furniture

Mirrors can also look great on furniture, which is helpful if you have limited space and don’t want this to feel cluttered with mirrors everywhere in addition to all your furniture. You can combine both while taking up less space.

If you can’t find mirrored furniture that would look right in your home, but are great at adapting furniture, you could also use the mirror glass mentioned earlier to create your own with the furniture you already have. The great thing about this is, that you can create the exact design you envisaged and it will be unique to your home.


How Mirrors Can Be Used to Transform Your Home


Mirrored walls

Mirrored walls are also great for spreading light and making your home feel spacious. They can also stand out compared to dreary walls. So, if you’re tired of staring at your walls or are looking for a way to make your home look distinctive, mirrored walls can be a great addition. If you don’t want to cover your entire wall with mirrors, you can add several smaller ones in places where you think they look best. These can be decorated however you choose, to match the décor of the rest of your room.

It might seem simplistic to have mirrors in your home, but there are so many styles and ways they can be used. It’s possible to use mirrors in all your rooms, while still making the design of each room completely different.


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