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How much does it cost to fit patio doors in the UK?

Today – How much does it cost to fit patio doors in the UK?

How much does it cost to fit patio doors in the UK?



How much does it cost to fit patio doors in the UK?

Patio doors should be considered a top priority when you are looking to revamp the back of your property. They provide great security, ease of access, and allow natural light into the room with a great view of the garden.

You can select a suitable patio door based on the size of the opening, door design, or budget.

Existing types of patio doors possess unique qualities and offer advantages when used right. This article explores the major differences, correct usage, and cost of patio doors.


Bi-folding Doors

If you are looking to open up your home and connect your interior to the outside, bi-folding doors are your best bet. Its major selling point is the full opening operation which makes it suitable for the widest building openings.

Distinct designs allow flexibility. They are best suited for wide openings, if you choose to use them in small openings of 2m, you will only get the type of opening offered by French doors and along with the inability to open just one door.

If you aren’t too keen on opening up your home, adding a single swing-opening door will allow access without opening up your home fully. Bi-folding doors work best in openings above 2700mm if there are no limitations outside. They cost more than most doors.

Bi-folding patio doors cost from £1000 up to £4000. They are perfect for wide buildings.


Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors consist of a static pane of glass and another which can slide in and out. In rare cases, more than one movable pane is included.

The major advantage of sliding patio doors is that they do not cause obstruction like other doors that open inwards or outwards but the stationary pane means you won’t get as much width as you would with bi-fold or French doors.

Sliding patio doors are best suited for small spaces like courtyards and modest patio gardens. They cost from £500 up to £1500 to install. Other advantages include their ability to fit into wide openings and the fact that winds and breezes can’t shut them.


French Patio Doors

French patio doors are considered the people’s choice in the UK. They consist of two doors that open outwards from its centre, leading to a wide opening from the home to the rear garden.

The cost of French Patio doors ranges from £500 up to £1500. They work best in smaller spaces and doorways because they open outwards.



Materials for Patio Doors

The major material in most patio doors is glass. This allows lots of natural light into your home whilst offering you a good view of the rear garden. Another major component is the door frame. The material you decide to use for this will determine the advantages it will offer you and your choice of material can also be determined by the patio doors fitted prices for the style you’ve chosen.

While you try to decide the best type of patio door for you, also think of the most suitable material for the door frame.



Most homeowners prefer timber for their door and window frame because it offers a certain allure not obtainable from uPVC and aluminium. Timber is not just appealing to the eyes, they help you retain heat in the home, are environment friendly, and can outlast uPVC.



uPVC has become the go-to material for a few years now because of its relatively low cost, it has also become the standard in new build homes.

The price of uPVC makes it an attractive option but it doesn’t offer as many advantages as others and may not last as long.



If you want to get as much natural light as you can into your home then aluminium is the only material that can give you what you desire. Other advantages include heat retention, ease of maintenance, and longevity. Aluminium is considered the best material for patio doors.


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