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How to Add Personal Touches to A Care Home Room

Today – How to Add Personal Touches to A Care Home Room

Whether you live in a care home or have a friend or relative that does, you may find that some rooms need a little TLC to really make them feel like home. Living somewhere that is homely and comfortable is an important part of staying healthy as you age.

Personal touches are simple to include in any room, no matter what the requirements of the resident or whether they might be in a care home or have live in care. Agin care have represented this beautifully in their 3D floorplan designs for those living with health conditions.


How to Add Personal Touches to A Care Home Room

This inspirational piece had me thinking of other simple and budget friendly ways to spruce up a care home room. Here are my top three.


  1. Add Imagery

The most obvious way to make a room more personalised is to add pictures of family, friends or even destinations that mean something to the individual living in the space. The images you choose should represent a happy time to ensure positive feelings within the home.

It’s also important to consider where the images are placed, as you want to be able to see them. Consider where chairs and televisions are positioned as these are the main viewing points of the room. If a chair is facing a window, then you may want to add a couple of pictures there and next to the television where many of us focus our attention!


  1. Add Personal Touches to A Care Home Room with A Few of Your Favourite Things

We all have a favourite ornament or accessory so it’s important to include these in as many rooms as possible. Handmade gifts are often our favourites as they come with amazing memories so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Our prized possessions can be perishable so don’t think of only long-lasting objects of sentiment. There is the option to purchase something new such as flowers or plants for nature lovers or even some chocolates or sweets.


  1. Create an Atmosphere &  Add Personal Touches to A Care Home Room

Most of the time it’s not just what you have in a room that makes it personal and comfortable, but also about the atmosphere you create. One simple and effective way to create a warm and positive space is through lighting.

The option to adjust lighting can allow for several moods and this can be done easily – you don’t always need fancy technology. Simply purchase lamps including a tall lamp, small lamp and reading light. Having a range of lighting levels means you can control your atmosphere, making the place bright and airy for visitors and warm and cosy for lazy evenings in.

There you have it, a few simple ways to ensure a care home room is personal and comfortable for you, a friend or family member. If you have experience decorating care home rooms or any tips let me know below.


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